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Election Center update.


February 7, 2016

Here's a new UNSINKABLE: Retold!


February 3, 2016

New Baracked.  Hmmm, I see it's getting that time of the term again where the president isn't featured as much in the 8-bit sprite comic parodying their presidency.


January 28, 2016

This is the last chance I could get to update the election center before Iowa.  Hopefully I'll make an update before New Hampshire.


January 27, 2016

Sorry it's been forever since there's been a comic.  Been working on Holidays follow ups and the Election Center as much as possible.  Well enjoy.


January 20, 2016

Whew!  Literally since my last post all of my free time has been devoted to this election center update.  Probably should not have waited three years to update it.  Hot damn.   Since Iowa is fast apporaching and it took two weeks to compile all of that I will be going back to the election center.  


January 5, 2016

I think this new Baracked captures the childness of the 2016 election.


Last Updated on Thursday, 11 February 2016 00:30