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October 30, 2014 (Jay)

I'm sorry but Boehner's comments were just stupid for those who actually remember this (links off site to yotube).


October 29, 2014 (Jay)

Those who follow me (@asscstudios) on twitter know why this comic is late.  But seriously though as bad of a job the Democrats have done fixing this mess don't vote Republican because their the ones who put us here..


October 27, 2014 (Jay)

See I promised Monday and here we are Monday with a comic.  Oh with the election so close I am going to hold up continuing this arc to do some Barackeds until America goes to the polls and decides to be stupid an re-elect the jackasses who put us in this mess, not of course to be confused with the jackasses who can't get us out of this mess.  And hey just think starting Wednesday that statement will probably be illegal again.  Anyone remember the Patriot Act?  War Comissions Act?  CISPA?  PIPA?  The way the Occupy Prostests were treated?  Seriously stop re-electing your electing officials and vote for the other person, unless of course the othe person is a Republican in that case vote Independent or Third Party...unless that third party start with a T[ea].  What's this website about again?


October 22, 2014 (Jay)
Sorry for the lack of updates I have been a bit under the weather recently.  I was about 95% with this comic when I ran out of time and said "oh I'll just finish it tomorrow" and that tomorrow I got sick.  So yeah enjoy the comic because now I'm semi-recovered in time to be wicked busy so probably no new comic until at least Monday.  I'll attempt to work ahead for a bit tonight but we'll see. 


October 15, 2014 (Jay)

Can you really blame SnowAngel for being mad? UPDATE yeah I updated the site's look too.  I finally found a template that worked with some of the issue pages.  The computers up top are temporary until I get ambition to put the logo in there.  This will probably be the format from here on out until the next major upgrade.  Once again another thing I need ambition for.


October 14, 2014 (Jay)

SnowAngel Returns!


October 13, 2014 (Jay)

Has it really been 10 days since the last update?  Oops.  Well at least Schnoz ended.  


October 3, 2014 (Jay)

Omg this comic is hideous!


September 29, 2014 (Jay)

Another Schnoz Character returns!  Remember to vote in the follow up questionaire!

September 24, 2014 (Jay)

Extra sized comic for VX Kingdom's 75th!  Pretty good for a "canned" comic, eh?  Don't forget about the follow up Holidays questionaire!

September 23, 2014 (Jay)

More Schnoz origin stories!

September 22, 2014 (Jay)

Back finally with a new VX Kingdom.

September 17, 2014 (Jay)

Hopefully this clears up some of the Wicked Bitch/Snombi confusion.  Then again when it comes to Schnoz no confusion can really be cleared up.

September 13, 2014 (Jay)

Oh plot twist!

September 9, 2014 (Jay)

The Ice Weasel repairith!

September 7, 2014 (Jay)

Back to chugging away in Schnoz.

September 2, 2014 (Jay)

Now entering Exech er VX City!



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