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September 1, 2015

Over the years we have supported many candidates for president.  Alby, Paul Stanley, Eugene the Mountie, and of course a potted house plant to name a few.  Now we are entering an election cycle (yeah and they talk about Christmas creep seriously Election creep is even worse) and with pretty much no good candidates (again) we here at ASSC Studios have decided to endorse Kirby.  Kirby is a cat which makes him better than any of the candidates.  I'll hopefully eventually write up a full blog post (because I just remembered ASSC Studios still has a blog) but in the mean time we want to spread the word for everyone to vote for Kirby next November.  There's all ready figritive fat cats in Washington why not elect a literal one?  Kirby, he's better than every other cadidate.  Kirby he's a cat running for president and he don't give a $#*!.   Kirby don't give a $#*! indeed!


August 31, 2015

Hey it's the backwards date (of the month) from the last time there was a comic!  For those of you who like us on Facebook you know we will be annoucning our endorsement for president soon.  So keep checking back this week to see who it is!  No it's not Alby, Paul Stanley, or a Potted House Plant this year.


August 13, 2015

Havent' we all had this issue with posters?


August 9, 2015

Let's face it you all knew a delay was coming because a) It's summer and b) It's a story arc.  


July 23, 2015

Being the 14th anniversary of ASSC I figured better late than never for a comic!


July 15, 2015

Who cares if it destroys the world?  There's no reason to give you your Sega Genesis!


July 14, 2015

Damn time jumps!


July 13, 2015 

Pops shows off his weapons!


July 10, 2015

Let the temporal incursions continue!


July 9, 2015

Hmm...something seems...different in the past, doesn't it?


July 7, 2015

Lil is stuck?  Who is Pops?  What's going on??


July 6, 2015 

Continuing from the last comic we jump ahead to an undisclosed point in the future!

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