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It's the 19th anniversary of ASSC and all of its various incarnations over the years!  The celebrate we bring you not one, not two, but three new sprite comics!  Let's star the anniversary off right with a new ASSC Origins about, well, ASSC!  We always need some more Random Stupidity in our lives and this 19th anniversary celebration is certainly that.  Lastly after a four year hiatus we have the return of our original flagship title Another Sonic Sprite Comic which just makes sense for our anniversary.  When you're done with all of our sprite comic goodness be sure to check out KSchad's latest "Last of Us 2" play through over on our YouTube Channel.  To get your 19 years of ASSC fill in for today be sure to search @asscstudios on InstagramFacebook, and Twitter and hit those awesome like buttons.  Especially check our instagram because that is updated daily.

July 16
It's finally here the continuation of the Aluminum City of Schnoz.  After you're done reading that ASSC Studios be sure to search for @asscstudios on Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter and hit those awesome like buttons.

July 8
New Trumped (finally).  I'm going to work my hardest to finish up the Schnoz story line so I can rush another character battle.  Per usual check us out on Instagram athat's updated daily and YouTube is updated by Kyle a few times a month.  You can also check us out on Facebook, and Twitter but those get updated less.  You can also check out Kirby's Instagram (again daily updates) as he runs for 2020.  Once I figure out the sprite comic situation (and probably another Election Center update because I need hope the yelling pumpkin is going away soon) I'll work on trying to once again getting our mysterious Apple League going again again.

July 1 (Canada Day)
Happy Canada Day everyone!  I swear sprite comics soon!  I have been undertaking a major overhaul to the Canadian Pokedex I update every year for Canada Day.  Not quite how I wanted it but maybe next year I can refine it.  Well enjoy the the Canadian Pokedex of 2020 everyone, catch you all next update. Until then check us out on Instagram because that's updated almost daily and YouTube is updated by Kyle a few times a month.  You can also check us out on Facebook, and Twitter but those get updated even less, especially our Facebook.  You can also check out Kirby's Instagram (again almost daily updates) as he runs for 2020.  

May 13
Finally back with a new ASSC Studios that finally starts that Schnoz storyline I promised back in December.  Oops.  Oh and hey don't forget about the Holidays Questionnaire.

April 25 (White Day)
A new Random Stupidity for Cult Week's White Day.  We're also looking to make Holidays even more epic again so fill out our questionnaire while you're staying safe at home. 

April 20:

KSchad has been playing the remake of the legendary survival horror game Resident Evil 3, and he just uploaded the final episode! Watch all 7 episodes in the playlist!

April 15

KSchad is back, and he's been doing One Sentence Reviews on our YouTube Channel! The latest is on the infamous Tiger King! Check it out! For the entirety of Season 1, check out the playlist of ALL of them

April 7
Hope everyone is staying home and staying safe.  Just wanted to share some quotes and stats in this new Trumped.  Take them as however you want.


Happy Pi Day all!  As it's out favorite holiday at ASSC here's a new Random Stupidity.

March 3 (Super Tuesday)

Election Center FINALLY updated!  Ok after this I want to plan how to reunite certain Idiots of the World oh and make some Trumped and ASSC Studios Sprite Comics.  Go check us out Instagram at the very least as that's updated almost daily.  Don't forget about our YouTube page too as KSchad updates there at least weekly.

February 11
Welp, the New Hampshire polls are starting to close and results are coming in and I still have 16 states to go.  Needless to say you will have to wait at least another day for an Election Center update.  In the meantime catch us on Instagram because that's updated almost daily and YouTube is updated by Kyle a few times a week.  You can also check us out on Facebook, and Twitter but those get updated even less, especially our Facebook.  You can also check out Kirby's Instagram (again almost daily updates) and Kirby's twitter as he runs for 2020.  Oh yeah Kirby has a Facebook too but that gets updates the least amount out of any of these.

February 10
So...hopefully I'll be done tomorrow.  I seem to have not taken into account how many states we have in trying to get the Election Center updated today.  Hopefully I can get through the other 47 states by 8pm New Hampshire time tomorrow...

February 7
while you await the Election Center Update Monday here's a new Trumped to tie you over.

February 3
So much for making Trumpeds during the impeachment.  Well on to the Election...Center.  Almost.  See I had it in my head for whatever dumb reason that the Iowa Caucus was tomorrow but it's today.  Since it's today not tomorrow I was only able to finish Iowa not do a national general election for a real election center update.  I mean I will post my results for each candidates' (that has pollable numbers in Iowa) chances of winning Iowa in November (which also gives an order of who will probably win tonight, though Bloomberg is off because there isn't many poll with him so he's way to inflated) as a mini election center update but no big general election update.  I will however have enough time to post on February 10 the day before the New Hampshire Primary.  So catch you all then unless I actually manage to pull a few Trumpeds out before then.  If you don't want to head to the election center here's my predictions for Iowa:
Democrat: Biden
Republican Trump
Chances of Winning Iowa in November:

Biden Bloomberg Buttigieg Gabbard Klobuchar Sanders
24.33% 23.5% 17.36% 1.81% 6.34% 21.84%
Steyer Warren Yang Trump Walsh Weld
3.21% 19.84% 3.57% 53.16% 2% 7%

January 16, 2020
Happy new year, decade, month, whatever.  Long time no update!  And it's not even a fun update.  Just made a privacy policy.  We don't collect any data to sell and don't want California or Europe accusing us otherwise.  I'll try to finish that Trumped I started a month ago this weekend as it's looking like I should make 20 soon to be on part with Bushed and Baracked (roughly 12-13 per year).  In the meantime catch us on Instagram because that's updated almost daily and YouTube is updated at least weekly thanks to Kyle.

December 18:
The character battle is over!  Ok I know I said a Schnoz thing would be next but seeing as a certain Trump card has been impeached (of course we all know I am only speaking of the sprite) I may have to do at least one new Trumped soon.

December 15:
I saw today was the one year anniversary of the end of the 2018 character battle so I figured I should make this comic to have you guys vote in the final round of the 2019 one.

December 4:
Happy Holidays Eve everyone!  As such the Holidays Outline and thus the Holidays page have been updated to fix the Delibird issue and to adjust the possible team choices to reflect the 8th generation of Pokémon.  Happy Holidays!

December 3:
We're down to the final four in the character battle!  Be sure to vote for the top 2!

December 1:
Cleaned up the front page a little bit oh yeah and the character battle continues so why don't you go and vote in it.  Also don't forget to follow @asscstudios on InstagramFacebook, and Twitter!

November 28:
This comic would have been out Tuesday however I kept messing up making it.  Like royally.  So after my third attempt today alone I just went with the simplest way.  Oh well. Don't forget to vote in the character battle.  Oh yeah and for sure don't forget to follow @asscstudios on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter!

November 24:
As seen in this sprite comic the 2019 Character Battle has begun.  Vote here!

November 3
With this new ASSC Studios there will be one left after it before the 2018 character battle finally starts.  Stay tuned.

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