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March 22
*phew* I'm sorry this is all taking so long!  The good news is that the planning for the 2000th comic is all set, the bad news is that I originally wanted it totally done by March 25 that clearly isn't going to happen so after much much much delay here is the 1998th comic!  If everything goes as plans (which we all know it won't) the 2000th comic should be complete by April 22nd.  If the 1999th comic is uploaded before then we will be on the right track.

March 1
You guys want to see the new Bailiff and Judge sprites before they appear in the 2000th comic?  All you have to do is head over to our Facebook page!  Be sure to like us while you're there!

February 25
I am getting closer to finalizing the 2000th comic event.  I just need to hear back from one person but honestly at this point I'm just going to plan for two things and start continuing on as it's slowly killing me being able to update comics.  In the mean time the Election Center has been updated.  The numbers aren't looking good again...

February 20
Just wanted to give everyone an update on the status of the 2000th comic.  Things are progressing how I wanted just VERY slowly.  As we (notice I said we not I) progress I will post 1998, and 1999 so they are released closer to 2000 once it's ready. Stay tuned.  I'll try to figure out more things to post though this is the first time in a few days I have actually been able to physically get to my computer to update.  Hopefully catch you guys soon.  Maybe next update will be an Election Center update?  We'll see!

February 7
Once again sorry for the lack of updates due to the delays in the 2000th comic.  However, I was going through some old files and I found the ASSC CD Dan was working on 14 years ago.  It was never finished (perhaps one day I will finally complete it or force him to) but due to the delays here's Alby's Theme.

January 21
The countdown to 2000 continues!  Sorry for the delay I'm trying to plan something special for the 2000th comic so it may take some time for the comics come out that lead up to it.  

January 11
The countdown to 2000 officially begins!

January 3
To finish off the Holiday's origins arc here's a new ASSC Studios.  Now the countdown to our 2000th comic really begins!

January 2, 2018

Happy 2018!  Hope everyone had a Febtobery Holidays!  Speaking of which, part 3 in its origins...or something.  Come back soon for its continuation in ASSC: The Sprite Comic.