June 2017

 June 22

Just wanted to give everyone a quick update on why I haven't been updating recently.  It's nothing major at all and technically I am doing stuff for ASSC Studios.  I finally got enough votes for Holidays so I've been finalizing that since the last update.  This is going to take quite some time unfortunately.  Yes I know all the update sections (especially the comics) are in need of some TLC however I'd rather finish Holidays ASAP so I'm not scrambling in the fall to get it done before it starts.  Speaking of the comics I am having some conversion issues with the old flash animated comics especially the larger ones.  This is holding up some of the current series such as Random Stupidity.  Trumped should hopefully be back sooner rather than later as the old flash Bushed comics aren't that long.  As for ASSC Studios: The Sprite Comic, the plot I started isn't going the way I planned and it's rush and will continued to be rushed mostly because I want to finish it at #98 to continue "ASSC Origins" to give you guys the origins of the members of JERK.  The plan is to start with Jadis in #99 and have it continue with an extra long #100 that will hopefully finally clear up some of the Jadis/SnowAngel confusion.  Until then poke around and feel free to take a look at what's still up.  See you next update!

June 18
The final Holidays surveys are now officially closed after receiving enough responses.  Thank you to everyone who participated.  Stay tuned for the finalization of the most epic winter holiday...ever.

June 11
As I continue to try to fix up the comics...here's a new ASSC Studios!

June 7
As I continue to fix the comics I also decided to make a shorter over all encompassing Holidays Survey.  It's only 11 questions and should help finalize the others.  But hey feel free to take all of the others too!


June 6
I'm totally sorry.  I guess I forgot to hit save when it happened.  Apparently we here at ASSC Studios have pissed off the Chinese as well (at least the Russians made sense when they hacked us).  To make a long story short they brought the comics down.  Please stand by as we continue to fix the issue.  A lot of the comics are back up however since flash is a dead medium I'm having some issues converting some of the old flash comics to something more modern day web friendly.  I can probably do without uploading some of the canceled flash series such as ASSC X but when you consider the ongoing series where there were random flash comics things get a little complicated.  So please stand by as the mess is fixed and hopefully some new comics go up some time soon.