July 2017

 July 23

Happy ASSC Day everyone!  I know a new ASSC Origins in ASSC Studios has been promised (which being the 100th ASSC Studios it's super sized and thus taking a super sized time to make) however it was quicker (yet still took a long time) to fix the issues with Random Stupidity (including the converting the flash ones and making placeholder comics that have the links to the converted animations) and make a new one for the 16th Anniversary of ASSC Studios.

July 17
Woo made it for a Monday update! New ASSC Studios as we continue (or restart I guess) ASSC Origins.  This time we focus on Jadis.  Hopefully this helps to start clear some stuff up.  If this (and some earlier ASSC Studios comics) still haven't cleared some things up with Jadis for you a supersized #100 will.  Aiming for Wednesday or Thursday on that one because it's probably going to take longer than it should to make.

July 16
Three years in the making, Holidays is finally complete. Click here for the final finalized outline.  Thank you to everyone who voted.  Why did it take so long to finalize?  Well in 2014 I took every winter holiday ever and had people vote on what they wanted to see in a winter holiday, thus the first Holidays was celebrated December of that year.  To improve upon it in 2014 and 2015 people gave suggestions of how they wanted to see Holidays be improved prompting new surveys and thus a new way to celebrate in 2015.  That year and at the start of 2016 I had one last set of suggestions to improve Holidays.  Some of the suggestions were to combine it with other ASSC holidays such as Febtoberjock (which was a combination of two former ASSC holidays Febtober Fest and Pidmujock) and Soniceenmas.  The votes of 2016 showed that Febtoberjock should be split back in to Febtober Fest and Pidmujock with both being combined in to Holidays.  If the final vote on this was ultimately majority "no" the 2017 surveys would never have happened.  Obviously the vote ended up being majority "yes" thus the final surveys which lead to the finalized Holidays.  Hope everyone has a fun time this December playing video games, obsessing over 11, celebrating the return of Febtober Fest and Pidmujock, waiting for Delibird and Sonic Claus to deliver gifts, and of course the Grand Celebration.  Anywho, the next comic has been started at least so I'm aiming for a Monday/Tuesday release for it.  Catch you all next update.

July 13
Oh goodie got the front page all cleaned up and all the 2016 updates in place just in time for the end of net neutrality to eventually close down the site.  Tell your senators today that you want net neutrality otherwise it's the end of Random Stupidity on the internet.  On that note I am still having trouble converting some of the flash animated Random Stupidities so it's quite possible that may have already happened.  Stay tuned I guess.  Possible, though slight (extremely slight) chance for an update Saturday.  Otherwise the next update will probably be Sunday.

July 12
As promised new comic to finish off that very rushed storyline.  Think I quickly managed to make fun of the Russian scandals, our Executive Branch, the Chinese hackers that took down the comics last month, and how the FCC is trying to kill Net Neutrality.  No Net Neutrality will pretty much mean no ASSC Studios :(

July 11
Just a quick update.  All internal site links have been cleaned up on the site with the exception of the front page.  You should now be able to freely navigate without error and all the pages should look nice and spiffy except for the front pages.  Those still need some work...per usual.  Aiming to at least start making a comic tomorrow and do some more front page clean up Thursday.  After that working on a comic for possibly Saturday but probably Sunday..


July 10
I really need to clean up this front page at some point.  Ahem.  So anyway new ASSC Studios.  Sorry for the delay everyone I just wanted to get ahead with updating/finalizing Holidays.  Of course that was taking way longer than it should have and basically consumed my life for the past two weeks.  Regardless I chose July 10 (today) to go back to a normal schedule of doing stuff as it was turning my brain in to mush.  I'm like oh I don't know, 87% done with it?  Let's go with that.  Hopefully once I'm done I'll be able to do some more clean up around the site.  Catch you all next update!