August 2017

 August 31

It's been awhile, again, but I return with the origins of Eclipse!  Long time fans of ASSC may be able to recognize some references and piece together some more of Eclipse's past.

August 24
Before I continue with Origin's and Eclipse's story I decided it was time to chime in and mock the yelling tangerine that is our nation's Trump Card.  *rolls eyes*  Speaking of eclipses, I couldn't fit in him staring at the most recent one but I haven't decided if I want to do another one Sunday or not because I want the get the JERK origins done before 2018.  We'll see.  Maybe both?  Why not Zoidberg? 

August 22
Alright back in action.  All of the Busheds/Barackeds/Trumpeds have been uploaded.  *phew*

August 9
Finishing up the Origins Jadis arc.


August 8
After much, much, much delay ASSC Studios 100!  Yeah it took forever so it kind of fell apart at the end there but hey it's done and hopefully this clears up some of the SnowAngel stuff.