September 2017

September 28:

Starting with the origins of Kawanishi.  I have also decided that once Kawanishi's origins are done (thus completing the origins of all of ASSC & JERK) ASSC: Origins will become it's own sprite comic.  If I ever go back to the old update schedule they will probably come out on the rare Friday and Saturday updates though at the moment I plan on taking a team and explaining their origins starting at the end of the character battle still and wrap the story up when it wraps up hopefully by the end of said year.  When Origins is not out I plan on going back to this (until the character battles):
Sundays: UNSINKABLE: Retold
Mondays: Another Sonic Sprite Comic
Tuesdays: Trumped
Wednesdays: Random Stupidity
Thursdays: ASSC Studios: The Sprite Comic
Fridays: ASSC Origins
Saturdays: ASSC Origins

September 18
Finishing up the Ross Origins.

September 13
The whole Ted Cruz thing just had to be Trumped.  I guess Teddy literally got caught with his pants down!

September 8:
Ross' origins part 2 continues with the clarification of a classic Random Stupidity done by Joe in the past.

September 7
A new ASSC Origins as we move on to Ross.  Took a bit longer than usual as I had to dig up some old KREP files and remake a certain character to look all 2001ish...

September 5
Final part of Eclipse's origins.  As you can see I keep going back to a certain 2011 story line...


September 4
Re-imagining an old Random Stupidity with today's ASSC Studios: Origins.  Also in case if you've ever wondered how Eclipse and the other clones keep escaping this should hopefully explain it.