October 2017

 October 29:

Another new UNSINKABLE: Retold!

October 22:

October 18:
I think we all need a dose of some Random Stupidity.

October 17:
New Trumped.  Remember a certain Fascist Trump Card doesn't want you to say "Happy Holidays" so I say it's more of a reason for everyone to celebrate Holidays.

October 11:
Ok NOW I'm finishing off Kawanishi's origins!

October 9:
So....I thought I had finished the ASSC Origins with Kawanishi and did an UNSINKABLE: Retold instead.  Oopsies.  But hey an update is an update, rigth?


October 2:
Ever wonder why and how Chad and Timmy took over ASSC back in 2006...err..."the past?"  Well now you know!  I may need to revisit Chad one of these days...