November 2017

November 29
ASSC Origins is finally here, now starting with the distant past origins of Holidays.

November 26
I was trying to do an Election Center and Comic update but this whole origins of Holidays thing I have planned is a bigger pain to figure out than I originally expected.  So just an Election Center update for now.  You can read the whole article and see the currently predicted map here otherwise short version and going by how the primaries work Sanders vs Kasich with a Democratic victory.  But that's not totally true so you'll have to read the Election Center update to see what I mean.

November 19
About to begin the Holidays journey.  Coming soon ASSC Origins will present the origins of Holidays!

November 8
It looks like a Holidays journey is about to begin!


November 5
As we are approaching the start of the Holidays season (tomorrow) I figured it'd be a good time to start a story line to explain the origin of Holidays.  Of course after this you're probably thinking it's just one sprite comic.