Due to Youtube's new "terms of use" policy after its buyout from the Google Corporation "unofficial" music videos are no longer allowed to be posted on Youtube unless it is an original work of people covering the song on their own.  Due to this Universal Music Group (UGM) and Warner Music Group (WMG) have been deleting Blue Apple's music videos one by one and Youtube no longer gives notifications of when a video is deleted.  Due to this all that can remain is just "The Mounties" and the "Early Early Late Show."  As the music videos are claimed by UGM and WMG one by one we will start deleting the video links, thank you.

DISCLAIMER: If you are to repost any of our videos anywhere on the web please link to ASSC Studios before hand thank you.

2006: 2007: 2006-2010:
Numa Numa 2006 2=1 The Early Early Late Show
Joe vs. Jay Gotta Have More Cowbell  
Pancreas   2006-Present:
  2010: The Mounties
2007: Sonic Contest Entry  
Ladies and Gentlemen   2011-Present
Polkarama!   Wake Up & Smell the Bullshit  
Canadian Idiot    
White & Nerdy    
So Much More