Privacy Policy

It's doubtful ASSC Studios is affected the California or European laws but just in case....

We do not have nor want anyone creating any sort of account here so there's really no data we can get from you.  If you did manage to find a way to somehow create an account we would eventually find it and just delete it.  To our knowledge the only data collected would be an email.  The only exception would be if you are an ASSC Staff member but if that's the case an account would have been created for you by another staff member and we would already know you so there would be no need to gather any additional from you that we didn't already know because we already know you.  Got it?  Good now explain it to us.

In all seriousness we don't collect any data as we do not publicly offer any sort of account creation that would allow ust to get data.  Again unless someone accidentally created an account in that case an email would be temporarily collected until the unwanted account was noticed and detailed.  As we have no reason to want the data we therefore have no reason to sell the data.  Not that we publicly offer anyone to get the data anyway.

With that being said here are the privacy policies of the services we use include our various social media accounts:


One last thing we do get general info (browser, country of origin, redirects, time spent on the site, pages visited, etc, etc) from AW Stats.  Couldn't find their privacy policy so here is the link to their site.  All of the data we get from them is viewed only internally and is not given out or sold.  These are standard stats most sites get and to our knowledge there is no way to opt out.  We suggest if you don't want any website knowing that info perhaps use a VPN.  

April 2019

April 26
Part two of this Random Stupidity Mess! Exclusive today here because I don't want to post the comic on social media because I'm afraid of Endgame spoilers!


April 8
At least since the last character battle I've had the idea to run all the ASSC Studios: The Sprite Comics through a predictive text generator.  As we all know there are [usually] no longer any scripts when it comes to [most] sprite comics around here hence the lack of updates recently as I was re-writing out all of the past ASSC Studios Sprite Comics.  I knew it was going to be a mess and though I have said there would be no more Random Stupidity arcs I couldn't think of a better sprite comic to have this wonderful messy messness.  I'm unsure how long it would so uh, good luck to us all.  

May 2019

May 24
Ok not that I really did when I ran the ASSC Studios sprite comic through a text generator, but I have no idea what's going on.   Of the 5 so far this Random Stupidity has really gone of the rails.  If it helps this madness is about 1/3 done.  In the meantime go check out @asscstudios on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.  Oh and with 6 minutes left of the day I am declaring May 24 to September 3 another Summer of Nerdery!  So you really want to stay tuned on the Instagrams!

May 22
This one was hard to make believe it or not.  Apparently the random text generator decided to get wordy on me!


May 5
Oh...oops indeed!  I actually made part 3 of this Random Stupidity mess back on April 27 just forgot to upload it because I had been avoiding Instagram to avoid Endgame spoilers.   

March 2019

Pi Day!


What better day than Pi Day for some Random Stupidity?