January 2012

1-24-12 11:07pm

New Baracked.  I really wish he addressed SOPA and told the MPAA to back off but whatever scerwing the upper class is a start.

1-22-12 10:18pm


And now I am starting on that new story arc.

1-19-12 8:30pm


Back from protest mode with a new Baracked.  By the way our government still isn't listening.  Despite please from both Congress and Voters alike Senator Reid is going ahead with the PIPA vote on Tuesday and the Justice Department is acting like SOPA and PIPA have already passed with their shut down of Megaupload.  Keep writing your Senators and House Representatives and tell them to scrap these bills and if they want to make an anti-piracy bill it should be a better version of this OPEN I keep hearing about.

1-17-12 10:10pm


I doubt many will read this but ASSC Studios will be going offline at midnight in support of the internet SOPA protests.  Anyone who supports SOPA/PIPA because it "saves jobs" doesn't have a clue.  To all you SOPA & PIPA supporters out there you will be experiencing a world you want to create.

1-15-12 2:23pm


New Random Stupidity.  It's apparent that Congress is starting to come to their senses we just need a bigger push so they kill SOPA/PIPA all together and don't even bother starting a new version.  Tell Congress we're getting tired of being pushed around by these large corporations!

1-10-12 10:38


I'm pretty sure if S1698 passes this comic will end me up in jail because you know the First Amendment doesn't mean anything anymore.  And yes this is protected because he is a politician.

1-9-12 10:17pm


Quick Random Stupidity because nothing shows stupidity like Joe Lieberman trying to steal our rights!  Write your representatives and Senators today and tell them no to HR3261, HR3166, and S1698.  Tell them enough is enough and we want our rights back!

1-8-12 10:47pm


No new comic today as promised, I apologize I'm just too upset about Congress' latest way to destroy our rights.  I urge you all to contact your representatives and Senators and tell them to stop infringing our rights and remind them that we have the power to vote them out of office in November.  I believe a little motto from V for Vendetta comes to mind about this point.