September 2012

9/26/12 5:31pm


Update?  What's an update?  You may see the link that was put on top.  For those who may remember from 2010 we had the "Sanity and Fear Video Game-a-thon" for the primaries well now we're doing it for the election (for those who are completely oblivious we are obviously supporting Obama).  All we can do is check how many times that link is clicked that is all.  We encourage people to go to the president's donation site to donate but all we can and will do is check the clicks.  Each click equals 1 minute of game play from the ASSC Studios staff/cast/crew.  So yeah go click and donate.  Possible games that will be played and why will be up hopefully before October.  A list of what WILL be played will be up hopefully a week before. I will also add the video game-a-thon will be Saturday November 3.  See 'ya then and stay tuned for more updates!

9/5/12 9:05pm


Election center update again.  I swear I will get back to comics eventually!