October 2012

10/24/12 7:09pm


Go check out the election center as I finally posted 10/3's results.  I am going to attempt to post today's results today.  Stay tuned for that update and updates on the video game-a-thon for Obama.  See that link up there?  Every click gets one minute of play time divided amongst the participants and hey while you're at Obama's donation site why don't you go ahead and donate to him? UPDATE: Ok, I didn't make it but I almost did.  I will TRY to get it complete tomorrow.  Kind of on that note I need to get Dan out of cryosleep to fix the twitter update bar on the side there so you all can actually see my tweets/updates...

10/3/12 8:40pm


Happy October!  I'm currently in the start of an Election Center update (who knows when it'll be done).  In the mean time keep checking back between 9 and 945 Eastern as I rage tweet (on the side there that's the ASSC twitter feed for those who didn't know lol) during the debate.  Or you can just go follow ASSC Studios on Twitter (twitter.com/asscstudios).  Oh and keep on clicking that top link the more clicks the more video games that will be played in support of Obama.