November 2012

Veteran's Day 2012 12:31pm


Final 2012 update to the election center.  Soon begins the predictions for 2016.  I must say not too bad predicting all but one state correctly.  There is a Baracked I never uploaded that I made prior to the election and of course I will have to make a new one because the election is over.  Stay tuned!  EDIT: For those of you who missed the Sanity & Fear Video Game-a-Thon you can rewatch it here, video section to be updated with it shortly!

Election Night 2012 7:09


No change since saturday so no new map had no time we're going live at 730 eastern stay tuned for the link.  Uploading the current election map now.  UPDATE: DUE TO TECHNICAL DIFFICULTIES THERE WILL BE NO LIVE COVERAGE TONIGHT KEEP CHECKING BACK FOR OUR ELECTORAL MAP UPDATE.

11/3/12 6:08pm


The video game-a-thon will be on ustream only starting around 6:30pm Eastern.  You can check it out prior (about 6:15) for set up by clicking this giant link that this entire update is ha ha.

11/3/12 3:38pm


Update to the election center.  Come back aroud 6:30pm Eastern for the Video Game-a-Thon in support of Obama.  It will be live and I am unsure as of now if it will be streaming on the site or strictly just on Ustream.