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September 18
Finishing up the Ross Origins.

September 13
The whole Ted Cruz thing just had to be Trumped.  I guess Teddy literally got caught with his pants down!

September 8:
Ross' origins part 2 continues with the clarification of a classic Random Stupidity done by Joe in the past.

September 7
A new ASSC Origins as we move on to Ross.  Took a bit longer than usual as I had to dig up some old KREP files and remake a certain character to look all 2001ish...

September 5
Final part of Eclipse's origins.  As you can see I keep going back to a certain 2011 story line...

September 4
Re-imagining an old Random Stupidity with today's ASSC Studios: Origins.  Also in case if you've ever wondered how Eclipse and the other clones keep escaping this should hopefully explain it.