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 December 22

Happy Grand Night Service everyone!  Head over to the ASSC Blog to check out the traditional Holidays blog of pi.  Unless you want the direct link to the blog then that's here.

December 20
See a comic!  It's that New Trumped I promised awhile back.  This should cover everything for now as we count down the 2000th comic!

December 19
Sorry for the lack of updates!  I have been busy.  See where I currently stand with two comics on Facebook and Twitter.

December 12
We interrupt your regularly scheduled ASSC Origins: Holidays The Recent Past for this messages on the hypocrisy of the political scandals involving sexual assault and harassment allegations.  Franken, Conyers, and Franks needed to go but Farenthold, Moore, and Trump need to go for the same reason (Trump for other reasons as well but we'll just stick to the allegations for now).  Also we need to remember that the Democrats could have fixed this all back in the 90s by not letting Clinton go for the same reasons.  Anywho...so just planning 1 more Origins for Holidays, a Random Stupidity to end that arc, and 2 more Trumpeds about Net Neutrality.  After that I will wind down a bit (more than usual) as I prepare for the 2000th comic!

December 6
The second part of the Origins of Holidays/



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