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 October 26

A new ASSC Studios.  Trust me we're getting very close to the 2019 character battle.  Probably another 2 sprite comics, 3 tops.  I did not realize until a few days ago it's the 80th anniversary of the Wizard of Oz and also the 15th anniversary of the Wizard of Schnoz.  With that being said I will be delaying the sequel to Genesis after a Schnoz story after the character battle.  Woo!

October 9
The countdown to the 2019 Character battle continues.  Who are the 32 chosen?  Stay tuned!

September 23
A new ASSC Studios that begins the prelude to the Character Battle that will hopefully be over by the time I see Terminator: Dark Fate.  See the "Genesis" arc in the earlier ASSC Studios: The Sprite Comics to see what I mean.  Had a semi-productive meeting with some returning staff members to ASSC.  Hopefully it will lead to the return of some old features returning and for me to remember to ask Izzy to actually do something.  Oh yeah and don't forget to check out @asscstudios on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

September 2
Phew!  And the predictive text generated Random Stupidity ends!  Finally!  Now we can move on to the character battle build up and character battle.

August 13
Again this Random Stupidity took forever because this predictive text then ended up being weirder than I thought.  The good news is this comics gets us 93% of the way there!  Oh yeah and don't forget to check out @asscstudios on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.  Especially Instagram right now because we've been doing this whole #summerofnerdery thing since May.  

July 23
We are officially at the 80% mark with the predictive text generated Random Stupidity arc of madness!  Don't forget to check out @asscstudios on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!

ASSC Day (July 23)
Happy ASSC Day everyone!  Let's take a break from Random Stupidity to celebrate the 18th anniversary of ASSC with this special ASSC Studios: The Sprite Comic.  Be sure to check us out @asscstudios on Facebook, Twitter, and Instgram where the latter this comic will be very late on because I forgot to post yesterday's comic to Instagram this morning.  D'oh!

July 22
Happy Early ASSC Day!  My gift to you is the knowledge that at least we're over half way done with this Random Stupidity predictive text generator madness.

July 15
According the document that the predictive text generator created this Random Stupidity should be the halfway point for this insanity.  I hope...

Canada Day
Happy Canada Day everyone!  Here's another super random and stupid Random Stupidity brought to you again by a random text generator!  Plus hey it mentions Mounties so yay Canada?  Yeah I can't wait for this to end either.  Then Character Battle.  Then Terminator Parody?  Need to follow up Genesis.  Oh hey and don't forget to follow @asscstudios on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.  Ok catch you all next random and stupid update.



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