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May 17
I was going to do an ASSC Studios. Then everything with the new masks mandates (or lack there of?) kept getting more confusing so I did a new Bidened instead.

May 12
A new Bidened yet somehow it still feels like a Trumped.

May 9
A new Random Stupidity for Goku Day. Yes Random Stupidity not Another Sonic Sprite Comic so ignore all of the Sonic stuff in it.

May 3
Back with a Bidened. Even though I will be archiving some of the older updates soon (as PDFs in our Archives section for anything over a decade) the 2020 updates page has arrived.

April 29
As promised Cult Week ends in a Pink Day of Random Stupidity. Daily comics over at the moment so we'll be resuming our schedule of every 3ish days or so. Probably through May. We'll see what happens in June.

April 28
Yellow Day continues where yesterday left off with ASSC Studios: The Sprite Comic. Don't worry tomorrow's Pink Day will go back to Random Stupidity.

April 27
It's Blue Day so you know what that means. That's right a new...ASSC Studios! This ties in with everything that has been happening since Random Stupidity 500 so it's an ASSC Studios. Confusing but it makes sense to me and that's all that maters :-P

April 26
It is called Random Stupidity for a reason and this one for green day is pretty random and stupid.

April 25
More Cult Week means more Random Stupidity.

April 24
We continue with our Cult Week Random Stupidity.

April 23
I tried really hard to make a Bidened yesterday. I went through 5 different ideas. Nada. So here's the Random Stupidity I said you should expect instead. It works considering Cult Week has started.

April 19
New ASSC Studios: The Sprite Comic. I will aim for the next sprite comic update to not be an ASSC. Can't guarantee it won't be a Random Stupidity though. I mean my goal is a Bidened but can never really guarantee it's going to be a Random Stupidity. Then again when it comes to politics isn't all random stupidity anyway? On second though that seems offensive to Random Stupidity.

April 14
The 200th ASSC Studios: The Sprite Comic is here. Or you can see the full sized version here. This doesn't usually happen but this was one of the few times that the sprite comic was up on our social media before the site. In case that happens again be sure to follow us on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

April 11
I had an opportunity to take more than just a day or two off from sprite comics so I did. If you follow us on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook you would see those daily updates. We also have weekly updates on YouTube. But back to the sprite comic. A new ASSC Studios that continues where we left off at the end of the character battle.

April 6
We have a winner! With the character battle now ended going to take a few days (probably just two) break from sprite comics. Be sure to check our Instagram in the meantime as that gets updated daily. Also check out our YouTube page as that gets updated a few times a week. Feel free to follow us on Facebook and Twitter as well.

First Contact Day (April 5, check your local Stardate)
Here it is the final round of the ASSC Studios Character Battle. Winner tomorrow! The final round means it's more important than ever to vote in our Instagram story and our general poll.

April 4
The Easter Bunny has brought you all the last character battle for the fourth round in this ASSC Studios. The fifth and final round is tomorrow which means the winner will be announced Tuesday so keep on voting in our Instagram story and our general poll.

April 3
A little late than usual today but the fourth round of the ASSC Studios character battle has begun! Just because it's the fourth round doesn't mean you should forget to vote in our Instagram story and our general poll.

April 2
The third round is about to end in this ASSC Studios character battle. Don't forget to vote in our Instagram story and our general poll.

April 1
No April Fools' here only ASSC Studios character battle. As always this character battle, be sure to vote in our Instagram story and our general poll to vote.

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