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June 12
Just a new ASSC Studios tonight because I ran out of time to make that second comic (Origins). Oops! Maybe if I start now I'll have two done for tomorrow?

June 11
Hopefully this link to the new ASSC Origins posts right away and there's no craziness like yesterday. It is the weekend so hopefully that owed comic gets made over the next two days.

June 10
Ok hopefully this link works this time it's an ASSC Origins if it wants to work.

June 9
Chugging along with our ASSC Origins Timeline. For sure that owed comic will be made over the weekend. Stay tuned!

June 8
I still owe you all a sprite comic from Sunday but today is not the day to catch up (still) so please enjoy just this ASSC Origins.

June 7
Yes I still owe you all a sprite comic from yesterday but only had time for this ASSC Origins today.

June 5
A new ASSC Origins talking about those post Genesis days.

June 4
Back on track today with a fourth comic for June! New ASSC Studios as A.S.S.C figures out their cloned clones situation. Oh and haven't mentioned in awhile but if you're not following us on Instagram or YouTube you probably should.

June 3
I was trying to update every day in June as we count down to the 20th anniversary of ASSC next month. Clearly that didn't happen. But hey that means you are getting not one but two ASSC Origins and a new ASSC Studios!

May 29
SnowAngel tries to figure what's up with Schnoz magic in this new ASSC Studios: The Sprite Comic.

May 26
Agent gets the short end of the stick as he takes over for Shadow in this new ASSC Studios.

May 23
Cessna faces off against the cloned clone Coriano in this new ASSC Studios.

May 20
Here's that new ASSC Studios.

May 17
I was going to do an ASSC Studios. Then everything with the new masks mandates (or lack there of?) kept getting more confusing so I did a new Bidened instead.

May 12
A new Bidened yet somehow it still feels like a Trumped.

May 9
A new Random Stupidity for Goku Day. Yes Random Stupidity not Another Sonic Sprite Comic so ignore all of the Sonic stuff in it.

May 3
Back with a Bidened. Even though I will be archiving some of the older updates soon (as PDFs in our Archives section for anything over a decade) the 2020 updates page has arrived.


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