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Sporkdate: 3969.60804 (January 19, 2021, a certain Trump card is done tomorrow!)
Not one, not two, but three new Trumpeds as that wraps up to become Bidened to tomorrow. Tomorrow there will be two last Trumpeds before one Bidened.

Sporkdate: 3964.32829 (January 13, 2021: Second Impeachment Day)
Updated some things behind the scenes the past week. Anything happen in the news today? Maybe a new Trumped can answer that question.

Sporkdate: 3959.16293 (January 7, 2021)
More along the lines of the Trumped that was initially planned for yesterday. Going to take a slight break for a few days then do a few needed updates around the site. Baring any impeachments, 25th amendments, riots or insurrections there won't be another Trumped (or sprite comic) until the 13th at the earliest. Good luck to us all.

Sporkdate: 3958.3701 (January 6, 2021) Everyone catch the news today? This wasn't the Trumped I intended to make tonight but unfortunately it was.

Sporkdate: 3957.47611 (January 5, 2021)
*phew* And I wondered why I haven't done a 12 days of ASSC Christmas in 10 years. Well here it is the 12th day of Christmas if you want to see what ASSC gives to ye.

Sporkdate: 3956.59636 (January 4, 2021)
Wow it's already the 11th day of Christmas. Go see what ASSC gives to ye.

Sporkdate: 3955.74571 (January 3, 2021)
We got some plotting going on as ASSC gives to ye for the 10th day of Christmas.

Sporkdate: 3954.85541 (January 2, 2021)
It's the ninth day of Christmas so see what ASSC gives to ye.

Sporkdate: 3954.03336 (January 1, 2021! Happy New Year so long 2020!)
2020 may (finally) be over but the 12 Days of Christmas continue! See what ASSC gives to ye today!

Sporkdate: 3953.14519 (December 31 Happy Grand Celebration, New Year's and a welcomed farewell to 2020)
The site has lost it's damn mind. I might need to thaw Dan out of cryosleep soon. 2020 just wants to drag itself out even at the ASSC level. *ahem* I mean see what ASSC gives to ye for the seventh day of Christmas. Don't forget our other 12 Days of Christmas on our ASSC Instagram. I'm afraid to make a link but just search @asscstudios on instagram and you'll find us. Make sure to give us a like too. Let's see if I can blow up the site again by hitting post...

Sporkdate: 3952.26701 (December 30 Happy Grand Mean Bean Machine Party)
Apparently the site doesn't want to update. Ok link from yesterday (below) corrected. Here's what we give to ye today.

Sporkdate: 3951.47142 (December 29 Happy Grand Scott Bakula party)
See what ASSC gives to ye five times for the fifth day of Christmas!

Sporkdate: 3950.53807 (December 28 Happy Grand Special Service)
What does ASSC give to ye for the 4th day of Christmas?

Sporkdate: 3949.69269 (December 27 Happy Grand Pokemon Honor Service)
Find out here what ASSC gives to ye for the 3rd day of Christmas.

Sporkdate: 3948.86657 (December 26 Happy Grand Holy Sonic Service)
On the second day of Christmas ASSC gives to ye...

Sporkdate: 3947.96196 (December 25 Happy Grand Flash Remembrance Service, Merry Christmas, and Xmas to those in the 31st century)
The character battle has ended and the for second time we have a repeat winner. It's been 10 yeas since we did the 12 days of ASSC Christmas so I figured I would combine the winning of the 2020 Character Battle with that. Let's see what updated versions of the next 11 days bring. Hopefully a 2021 that's better than 2020. I am so done with this year...

Sporkdate: 3847.14911 (December 24 Happy Grand Cult of Kirby Service, Kirbyalia, and Christmas Eve)
The penultimate 2020 Character battle is here. Find out tomorrow who wins the Paint Tree. You can vote as normal here or you can head to our instagram shortly later tonight. Will it be Persephone or SnowAngel? You decide!

Sporkdate: 3946.27279 (December 23 Happy Grand Feast)
The 2020 Character Battle continues now down to the final four. You can vote as normal here or you can head to our instagram shortly later tonight to vote in a more general sense.

Sporkdate: 3945.37481 (December 22 happy Grand Night Service)
The character battle continues with the Elite Eight left. ou can vote as normal here or you can head to our instagram shortly later tonight to vote in a more general sense.

Sporkdate: 3944.52623 (December 21 pick a solstice during the Great Conjunction as the Great Festival of Holidays starts with the Grand Racing Night)
*phew* That was a mouthful. The character battle continues. You can vote as normal here or you can head to our instagram shortly later tongiht to vote in a more general sense.

Sporkdate: 3943.656 (December 20) Happy Keldeo Celebration for the Holidays Festival of PIDMUJOCK!
Finally the 2020 Character battle has started! You can vote as normal here or you can head to our instagram later tonight to vote in a more general sense (Team Mask vs Team None and Team WISE vs Team DUMB). While you're there be sure to give us a follow!

Sporkdate: 3938.47836 (December 14) Happy Delibird Celebration for the Holidays Festival of PIDMUJOCK
A new regular Trumped and a breaking News Trumped both for the electoral college wanting Bidened to start January 20, 2021. Character battle still in progress. Be sure to like @asscstudios on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

Sporkdate: 3933.30269 (December 8)
New Trumped which is asscstudios.net exclusive until tomorrow. Sorry no time for a Breaking News Trumped today. Be sure to like @asscstudios on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. Character Battle in progress and coming soon!

Sporkdate: 3916.02027 (November 18)
New ASSC Studios that brings us to a sprite comic away from the 2020 character battle (finally). Also a new Trumped, no new Breaking News Trumped today however. Don't forget to follow us on instagram as it is updated daily and to check us out on YouTube as that is updated frequently as well.

Sporkdate: 3906.57882 (Joevember 7)
If you all have been following us on instagram you saw all of our Election 2020 updates. Now just over half of us can breathe a sigh of relief...in 74 days. In the mean time here are not one but two Trumpeds that were meant for the Ameripocalypse but were not finished/posted because of all the craziness! Now that's officially over with (no matter what you think) here are again not one but two new Trumpeds soon to be Bideneds! Speaking of the Election don't forget to check out KSchad's one sentence review (featuring Kirby) about it. For good measure (because we really need a character battle soon) here's a new ASSC Studios too which is the second to last for the current Schnoz arc.

Ameripocalypse 2020 (USA Election Night/November 3)
So it would be a lot easier for all of us if just our instagram is updated with election results. Nothing to report so far in the first hour. Will attempt update when next polls close in 15! Again that's instagram.com/asscstudios

Sporkdate: 3902.19649 (November 2)
Check out our Election Center for current prediction. Stay tuned here and our instagram tomorrow as we attempt hourly updates using 270towin.com updating our prediction map to each state's closing and over all winning paths.

Sporkdate: 3899.61737 (October 30)
A new Trumped along with a Breaking News companion sprite comic.

Sporkdate: 3897.01563 (October 27)
New Breaking News Trumped to go along with the Election Center update.

Sporkdate: 3895.27067 (October 25)
Three new comics for you all! Poph searches for allies to invade Schnoz in a new ASSC Studios. Two new Trumpeds on top of that one about the last debate and another breaking news one. Per usual don't forget to check us out on Instagram as it is updated daily. KSchad updates our YouTube Channel bare minimum weekly so be sure to check that out too. You can see his latest One Sentence Review right here.

Sporkdate 3885.7599 (October 14)
New Trumped and since I ran out of time yesterday to do a "Breaking News" Trumped I made one for today!

Sporkdate: 3884.90466 (October 13)
Finally here it is the new ASSC Studios with the continuing Aluminum City of Schnoz story line. Again please give us a follow on Instagram as it is updated daily.

Sportkdate: 3881.52651 (Bakula Day/October 9)
New Random Stupidity for Scott Bakula's birthday because why not it's called Random Stupidity for a reason!

Sporkdate: 3879.69845 (October 7)
Alright I know yesterday I promised I'd start working on a new ASSC Studios but I made another new Trumped instead. I just could not let this go! I promise I will start working on the ASSC Studios now and will even provide proof later on Instagram.

Sporkdate: 3878.83213 (October 6)
Ok, ok, ok, I know I said I was going to start working on a new ASSC Studios but I just couldn't not make a Trumped after certain statements were made by a certain political figure who recently left a hospital after experiencing severe COVID symptoms. This person is clearly fictional sprite character that is based on no one. *ahem* Oh and hey don't forget to check us out on Instagram because it's updated daily. I'll go back to making that ASSC Studios tomorrow assuming I don't HAVE to make a new Trumped. Those silly sprite characters!

Sporkdate 3877.12524 (October 4)
Election center has been updated. Check out everything here or go straight to just the electoral predictions. In addition we have not one, not two, not three, but four new Trumpeds. Sort of. I'll probably continue these "breaking news" Trumpeds for a bit every update. Whenever that next update may be (plan to start working on a new ASSC Studios starting tomorrow) check out our Instagram in the meantime as it's updated daily. Oh and before I forget here's the updated Holidays outline. Hmm, guess I should update that section at some point soon then too.

Sporkdate 3876.3 (October 3)
Taking a bit longer than I thought to do the Election Center update (and 3 Trumpeds I planned oops) but at the very least Election Center WILL be updated TOMORROW 10/4. Fingers crossed I can get the one week and one day before the election updates up in time. Until tomorrow then check our Instagram (updated daily) and YouTube Channel (updated at least weekly). Our YouTube Channel is managed by KSchad and check out his latest video which is a "One Sentence Review" of the first 2020 Presidential Debate.

Sporkdate 3872.808 (September 29 Debate Night 1)
Election Center update check out everything here or go right to our Electoral predictions. Tomorrow I will start working on sprite comics again alternating between Trumpeds and ASSC Studios. Planning for additional Election Center Updates on Saturday (a month out), a week out from the election, and the day before. If you're a registered voter from the States please vote for Biden. I don't think the country can take four more years of Trump Card...who is a fictional sprite character that is based on no one. <.< >.> Anywho be sure to search @asscstudios on InstagramFacebook, and Twitter and hit those awesome like buttons.  Especially check our instagram because that is updated daily. There's also our YouTube Channel which is maintained by KSchad. Be sure to check out his latest video (The Last of Us Part 2 Episode 11) here


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