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November 26
Those windows are always a problem no matter the timeline even in this new ASSC.

November 25
Fill up on a new ASSC.

November 24
We squeeze as many characters as possible into this new ASSC.

November 22
Even with the timeline and universe (multiverse?) messed up, Agent still speaks like Elmer Fudd.

November 19
*Spoiler Alert* For this new ASSC *spoiler* Lord Kirby appears *spoiler*

November 17
A new ASSC. Which is still weird to say after all these years.

November 15
Continuing with this ASSC revitalization.

November 13
A new....ASSC?! It says it's #2176?! What the heck could be going on?!

November 12
Quick update to Holidays which I wanted to get down before November but get held up with the sprite comics from yesterday. Going forward I only really foresee edits to the Pokemon represented in the Holidays Team and PIDMUJOCK days. Those of you who follow us on Instagram saw most of the changes to this year already.

November 11
This took forever but they are here. The ASSC Studios and ASSC Origins that finish the Thanosing! I actually finished the ASSC Studios the day after the last one but the ASSC Origins is a companion to it and two compliment and spoil each other. Stay tuned for what's coming next all! I apologize it took so long and will continue to take longer than usual as for what is happening will require slight alterations to existing sprites which you knew if you follow us on Instagram.

October 27
This sprite comic took longer than it should have only because of the first panel's background which you can barely seen anyway -_- oh well. If only I had time to figure out a dissolving effect for the site to go along with the sprite comic. I know normally I promote our Instagram but KSchad has been ramping up videos for our YouTube page so check out all of that too.

October 20
Really it's been a week since the last update? Huh, could have sworn I did one after that. Guess not. Which is all the more reason why you should be following us on Instagram and YouTube. Anywho, a new ASSC after 7 years because sometimes you just have to go back to the beginning especially before it all comes to an end ;) (Not really, we're not going anywhere just stay tuned).

October 13
The first new (original) UNSINKABLE in 18 years! Due to this all of the original UNSINKABLEs have been uploaded except the original finale. Per usual don't be a stranger on Instagram. Going to plug our YouTube channel too as KSchad has been updating the heck out of it recently.

October 11
We're ending S*H*I*T for a second time in seven years! *insert Instagram plug here*

October 6
The first new ASSC Remix in 4-16 years depending on how you want to look at it. Again, follow us on Instagram for daily content.

October 1
As with Spritegate, all non-Flash Knight Rider: The Parody sprite comics have been uploaded. This includes the first new one in six years. Don't forget to follow us on Instagram for daily updates.

September 29
All of the non-flash Spritegate: WT-F comics are up including the first new one in seven years. Don't forget to follow us on Instagram for daily updates and by that I mean random stupidity in posts as to be expected from us.

September 22
All of Nintendo Trek is now back up including this new one. Of course if you follow us on Instagram you already knew this was coming.

September 8
Finally an update! Finally uploaded the old Pokemon the Sprite Comics! Finally made the third one and ended it after 15 years! Be sure to follow us on instagram for daily updates.

August 24
Sorry everyone. Per usual the next sprite comic (new Bidened) took longer than usual to make. That's why you should all follow us on Instagram for the latest updates!

August 13
Looks like what's ever happening is also happening in Another Sonic Sprite Comic!

August 9
In the middle of this there's a new...UNSINKABLE: Retold?? But wait what's going on there?!

August 2
For all of you who follow us on Instagram (and shame on those of you who don't :-P) you know that I was having a bit of technical difficulty on Friday. That's sort of passed now so here's a new ASSC Studios finally.

ASSC Day (July 23)
Happy 20th anniversary to ASSC! Even though it's been 20 years here's three comics. A new ASSC Studios to continue that current arc. Then a new Random Stupidity for our 20th anniversary. Lastly a new Another Sonic Sprite Comic as it is the namesake of the sprite comic that started it all 20 years ago. Speaking of the original Another Sonic Sprite Comic/ASSC all of those original sprite comics that could be uploaded have been (along with a few that couldn't). About half of the original ASSCs have now been uploaded. Thanks for a great 20 years everyone we'll catch you for another 20!

July 15
Sorry for missing two update windows everyone. I had lost then found and then lost some sprites again and I have been trying to find and recover them the past week. I partially recovered some but not all. Nothing too major just more driving myself crazy trying to find the updated sheets. Of course if you follow us on Instagram you saw the sneak peaks of a few upcoming sprite redos. With that out of the way here's a new ASSC Studios.

July 6
Trying to go back on the three day update schedule. As you can see since it's been a week so totally working out. Here's a new ASSC Studios. Hopefully see you all the 9th!

June 30
A new ASSC Origins where we explain the great year 2020. Hmm, we seemed just about caught up but we'll wait on 2021 for the time being, no reason ;) (stay tuned)!

June 28
Sorry everyone! I know I was trying to do a sprite comic every day this month but I really needed a few days break from making them. With that said here's a new ASSC Origins about 2019.

June 25
This ASSC Origins almost didn't happen tonight but I pushed through it and here you go.

June 24
Hope everyone had a happy Sonic 30th. Now back to ASSC Origins as another 3 years get done at once.

Sonic Day!
Happy 30th to Sonic the Hedgehog! Here's a Random Stupidity not an Another Sonic Sprite Comic to celebrate!

June 22
A new ASSC Origins that covers three years. Huh weird why would I do that all of a sudden?

June 21
Ok I missed yesterday. I started making this sprite comic but then things got crazy after I put in the text. Then when I added in the sprites things got crazy again. I wanted to try to a sprite comic each day all month but I might need to skip yesterday and possibly tomorrow. Sorry!

June 19
An ASSC Origins that remembers 10 years ago a little differently...

June 18
This ASSC Origins took way longer than it should have.

June 17
2009 in this ASSC Origins.

June 16
On to 2008 the launch of ASSC Studios in this ASSC Origins

June 15
New ASSC Origins about 2007.

June 14
First off happy birthday to Kirby. Second new ASSC Studios.

June 13
As promised two sprite comics! Here's a new ASSC Origins about 2006 and a new ASSC Studios.

June 12
Just a new ASSC Studios tonight because I ran out of time to make that second comic (Origins). Oops! Maybe if I start now I'll have two done for tomorrow?

June 11
Hopefully this link to the new ASSC Origins posts right away and there's no craziness like yesterday. It is the weekend so hopefully that owed comic gets made over the next two days.

June 10
Ok hopefully this link works this time it's an ASSC Origins if it wants to work.

June 9
Chugging along with our ASSC Origins Timeline. For sure that owed comic will be made over the weekend. Stay tuned!

June 8
I still owe you all a sprite comic from Sunday but today is not the day to catch up (still) so please enjoy just this ASSC Origins.

June 7
Yes I still owe you all a sprite comic from yesterday but only had time for this ASSC Origins today.

June 5
A new ASSC Origins talking about those post Genesis days.

June 4
Back on track today with a fourth comic for June! New ASSC Studios as A.S.S.C figures out their cloned clones situation. Oh and haven't mentioned in awhile but if you're not following us on Instagram or YouTube you probably should.

June 3
I was trying to update every day in June as we count down to the 20th anniversary of ASSC next month. Clearly that didn't happen. But hey that means you are getting not one but two ASSC Origins and a new ASSC Studios!

May 29
SnowAngel tries to figure what's up with Schnoz magic in this new ASSC Studios: The Sprite Comic.

May 26
Agent gets the short end of the stick as he takes over for Shadow in this new ASSC Studios.

May 23
Cessna faces off against the cloned clone Coriano in this new ASSC Studios.

May 20
Here's that new ASSC Studios.

May 17
I was going to do an ASSC Studios. Then everything with the new masks mandates (or lack there of?) kept getting more confusing so I did a new Bidened instead.

May 12
A new Bidened yet somehow it still feels like a Trumped.

May 9
A new Random Stupidity for Goku Day. Yes Random Stupidity not Another Sonic Sprite Comic so ignore all of the Sonic stuff in it.

May 3
Back with a Bidened. Even though I will be archiving some of the older updates soon (as PDFs in our Archives section for anything over a decade) the 2020 updates page has arrived.


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