2012 Election

November 11, 2012

And here we are 5 days after the election and Obama has won.  Well he won Tuesday Night/Wednesday morning (depending which time zone you're in) but it took until Thursday for Florida to decide though I guess it's still being contested (not that it matters because he won without Florida anyway).  Then of course there was the debacle with Ohio but once Colorado and Nevada closed the president had won his re-election bid.  Romney apparently was ignoring polls because he was behind in all of the swing states prior to the election and ended up losing all of the swing states except North Carolina on Election Night.  Now what made Romney lose?  He was governor of one the most (if not THE most) liberal state[s] in the Union yet lost all of the liberal and swing states.  Well it's because he ran as his party told him how to run.  If he ran as himself not as what he was told how to run he would have won.  Though he would have lost the primaries due to the base of the republican party (as seen in 2008).  There are all ready statistics coming in for the 2016 election which I will update before the year is up so you will see the 2016 election results on ASSC Studios first!  Quickly I would like to add that with the exception of Florida I was right for the presidential election.  Next time I will have a better margin of error so in 2016 I am hoping I will have it 100% instead of 98%.  Though I would also like to add that I was correct from August 20 to October 3 which is not bad if you think about it.  Now let's see the battle of ther electoral college votes next month!

November 3, 2012

Obama 303 Romney 235

Oh look I finally managed to post results the same day I did everything.  Everything has stayed the same since the 25 which is good.  So far it looks like Hurricane Sandy has not hurt Obama (and I must say he has been handling it very well).  On that note may I remind everyone that Romney has stated that as president he will cut money to FEMA and states will be held responsible for natural disasters.  He said this in the primaries and his campaign issued a statement Monday while Sandy was winding down restating this.  It wasn't until Tuesday that an extra sentence was added from his campaign basically saying "oh by the way if the states do need extra money for a disaster on second thought maybe the federal government will give it to them."  So yeah Romney = flip flopping douche.  Wait did I say that?  No it must've been Scott Bakula.  I will try to update Monday and Tuesday.  Speaking of Election Night come to ASSC to see our live coverage of the election starting at 7pm eastern.  On the note of live shows check back at around 6:30pm for ASSC Studios' Video Game-a-Thon in support of Obama. EDIT: Forgot to mention everyone chances of winning:

Obama: 48.22% (projected winner)

Romney: 35.8%

(The other 4 stayed the same from 10/24.  I am not going to have popular votes this update as I believe they have been calculate wrong will try and fix by next update).

October 24, 2012

Obama 303 Romney 235

Yes it may be October 29 but per usual I was unable to post on time.  Besides the map I've been using nothing has changed state wise.  The Blues and Reds remain the same.  This is going to sound terrible but I'm hoping Romney says something stupid about that super storm that is about to hit the Northeast/is hitting the northeast and it costs him the election.  Obama is all ready sending aid before the storm hits New England so I'm guessing that's going to be a really huge plus for him.  Oh and for some reason my results for Obama winning Maine jumped up quite a lot, but his percentage of what he will win in the popular vote remained roughly the same.  Regardless he's going to win Maine.  Unless Romney's evil plan to tie the election works that is.  If it does and I hope it doesn't we will be royally screwed...results below:

Obama: 48.23% chance of winning (projected to win 48.94% of popular vote)

Romney: 35.39% chance of winning (projected to win 38.93% of popular vote)

Johnson: 4,12% chance of winning (projected to win 1.62% of popular vote)

Anderson: 4% chance of winning (popular vote N/A)

Stein: 1.73% chance of winning (projected to win 3% of popular vote)

Goode: 0.8% chance of winning (projected to win 5% of the popular vote)

October 3, 2012

Yes it is actually 10/24/12 but the above results are from 10/3/12 and I just got around to posting them now.  Going into the first debate Obama was still the winner however he had unfortunately lost Florida by then.  I will try to update with today's results shortly.  Don't forget ASSC Studios' video game-a-thon in support for Obama on 11/3.  More details coming soon just keep visiting the site as the proper links will be posted in the updates and on the front page.  Now for the 6 major candidates' chances of winning (yeah Wikipedia is recognizing 6 so I guess we will too):

Obama: 48.289% chance of winning (projected winner with 50.08% of the popular vote)

Romney: 34.795% chance of winning (projected to win (38.61% of popular vote)

Johnson: 4.206% chance of winning (projected to win 1.66% of popular vote)

Stein: 1.929% chance of winning (projected to win 3% of popular vote)

Goode: 1.07% chance of winning (projected to win 5% of popular vote)

Anderson: 4% chance of winning (popular vote projection N/A)


September 5, 2012

Results are from September 1 though.  If you check back with the last primary results nothing changed.  I was going to to do both before, during, and after convention but since they were so close and I did the ending of the primaries so late I pretty much did before and after the RNC.  Once again seeing as they were a week apart after the RNC is the same as before the DNC.  I will try my best to update Saturday but at the very least the data will all be from Saturday.  We all heard that the RNC was bad for Romney so let's hope the opposite will be true with Obama and it's good for him and maybe we will see North Carolina go back to blue.  Honestly I've stopped caring about the other candidates but I will post the winning chances of the four major candidates below each write up instead of up top:

Obama: 48.221% chance of winning (projected winner with 49.9% of popular vote)

Romney: 33.695% chance of winning (projected to win 38.2% of popular vote)

Johnson: 4.33% chance of winning (projected to win 1.58% of popular vote)

Stein: 3% chance of winning (popular vote projection N/A)

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