Sonic the Hedgehog has been around since 1991.  He's been Sega's mascot just as long and has starred in numerous amounts of video games.  Every year on June 23 Sonic the Hedgehog Day is celebrated, but don't you think the Blue Blur deserves just one more holiday?  If you don't then you're probably on the wrong website.  If you do then you're just in luck because us here at ASSC Studios have created a second time of the year to honor our favorite speedy blue hedgehog.

Soniceenmas is a video gaming holidays based around Tim Buckley's Winter-eem-mas as seen on Ctrl-Alt-Del.  His holiday lasts from January 25-31.  Soniceenmas begins with Sonic Overload which is celebrated the Friday before Winter-een-mas begins (this means if Winter-een-mas starts on a Saturday Sonic Overload will be January 18).  Everyone current and former at ASSC Studios used to celebrate Tim Buckley's Winter-een-mas but within the last few years found it harder and harder to get together to play video games as a group so it was decided in 2014 to branch off our own Holiday from Tim Buckley's original idea.  We still celebrate Winter-een-mas individually however we always enjoyed making a competition out of it for bragging rights for a year making time during the weekdays was getting tougher as time went on so it was decided to focus it all just on the weekends (Friday-Sunday) during Winter-een-mas and call it Soniceenmas to bring in our favorite blue hedgehog a bit more.

Soniceenmas starts with something known as Sonic Overlad.  Basically there's not much to Sonic Overload.  Essentially you play by yourslef just play as many Sonic Games as you can all the way through.  Once you start though you can't stop, unelss it's for a necessity like eating or something, and even then for something like eating you better be eating chili dogs or onion rings and while you're at it use some food coloring to change whatever you're drinking into the colors of one of the chaos emeralds.  This is a video gaming holiday so play the video games and save those DVDs of the old SatAM show for June 23 (fror another day) and play your favorite Sonic games from Sonic 1 to Sonic Colors and everything in between.  If you prefer to play as a group and hold a competition as we do you just have people face off in the two player modes of Sonic games.  As this takes place near the Super Bowl we tend to take the results of who won on Sonic Overload to place people into "leagues" and "divisions."  More on this later after a bit more of the history of Sonic Overload is explained.

ASSC Studios began posting information on Sonic Overload in 2011 but celebrated it since February 2001 (5 months before the original ASSC was founded).  It used to be celebrated the last day of the staff members' school's winter break.  When the time for college came around one year in ended up on Martin Luther King Jr. Day and the third Monday in January ended up sticking even if winter break ended the following week.  Out of respect to Dr. King Sonic Overload was moved to the Friday before Winter-een-mas and then later Saturday.  Please note the original Sonic Overload and later Soniceenmas and Winter-een-mas are two separate things, well sort of.  They're seperate in the sense one was created by Tim Buckley of Ctrl-Alt-Del who most likely is unaware of the existence of ASSC Studios and the other was created by ASSC Studios who just picked the Saturday before Ctrl-Alt-Del's video gaming holiday as they were both video gaming holidays and it was felt that they should be near each other.  They are the same that since they are both video gaming holidays, that is pretty much the only similarity, at the moment if you play video games as a group during this time.  Soniceenmas was just created so we could find time to play as a group as playing together on the weekdays was becoming more and more difficult as we all grew older.

If you celebrate Tim Buckley's Winter-een-mas by yourself then continue doing so but if you still want to celebrate Soniceenmas just play the games that fit in to each first over any other.  If you enjoy playing as a group and like holding a friendly competition amongst your friends so someone can have bragging rights for an entire year keep on reading.

Sonic Overload

Sonic Overload is the start of Soniceenmas.  It is celebrated the Saturday before Tim Buckley's Winter-een-mas begins.  Below is when Sonic Overload will be celebrated from 2015-2019:






January 24

January 23

January 21

January 20

January 19

Either at random or using data from [the] previous year[s] set up one bracket of everyone you invited to the events.  Also set up a loser bracket (everyone has to lose twice to be out) the winner of the winners bracket and the winner of the losers bracket then go head to head until a final winner is determined for the day (if the winner of the loser bracket loses once to the winner of the winners bracket they are out however if the winner of the winners bracket loses to the winner of the losers bracket they have to play again due to everyone must lose twice to be out).  It is highly recommended you DO NOT do round robins for Sonic Overload or any other time during Soniceenmas competitions.

Between Sonic Overload & the Rest of Soniceenmas

Depending how people placed (and if you wish using data from previous years) you divide them in half into two leagues.  We generally do the l33t league and n00b league but you and your friends can call your leagues whatever you want.  From there split each league into different divisions, we recommend at least 4 people per division however you can probably get away with 2 or 3.  We generally name our divisions after top selling video game franchises of all time with the "Sonic Division" being the top division, but once again feel free to name each of your divisions however you wish.  Everyone then stays in their division and league for the rest of Soniceenmas.  Be sure to keep tally of how many times someone wins to determine ranking as the king or queen of Soniceenmas is determined by points at the end (1 win=1 point).


Online Events

During this time Tim Buckley's Winter-een-mas begins.  If you're able to get together with your friends on a weekday and can hold a tournament for that particular gaming day cool, more power to you and more points to your potential winner.  For those who can't celebrate Winter-een-mas as one normally does but also be sure to post funny photos (see below) somewhere online where only your league can see it and so they can comment and/or like the photo.  Points are awarded for every like and comment on the photo.  The photo must be an actual photograph you took that's not doctored or photoshopped in any way.

  • Prior to 1/25: Sonic Photo
  • 1/25: Of/as a adventurer, action star, or platforming game character
  • 1/26: Of/as a militia member, FPS/TPS gamer character, or Shadow the Hedgehog
  • 1/27: Of/as a fighter (wrestler, boxer, MMA fighter, etc, etc) or fighter/brawler game character
  • 1/28: Of/as a nerd or a strategy game character
  • 1/29: Of/as a racer, fast character/speedster/quickster, or a racing game character
  • 1/30: Of/as a race seen in D&D or LOTR, fantasy or RPG characters, or Pokémon
  • 1/31: Of/as a sports nut, sports star, or a character from a sports game
  • 2/2 (if Sonic Bowl is not 2/1): Of your final score in Sonic 3 after you beat it or lose all your lives

You can also always post a picture of you playing a video game in the fitting genre of the day.  The picture doesn't have to be of yourself feel free to use toys or computer/TV screens, basically be creative.  Yes there can be over lapping because characters like Sonic and Mario (yes you can post Mario pictures during Soniceenmas) can fit in all of these genres just make sure you show case what genre it is.  So on racing day try to show it's Mario Kart not just Mario and on RPG it's Sonic Chronicles not just Sonic.  Oh yeah and double points for if it's a Sonic photo and half points if it's a Mario photo.  It is called SONICeenmas after all.

Also each day post how many games you own in each genre.  So prior to 1/25 how many Sonic Games, 1/25 how many action/adventure/platformers, 1/26 how many FPS or TPS games, etc.  You get one point per game.  On 2/2 if you own the Genesis Sonic 3 cartridge (not digital, not on a compilation) your currents points double then one additional point for each additoinal copy of Sonic 3 you may have (includes additional cartridges, compliations, legal digital downloads, etc.).

One last thing on 1/30 post a screen shot of your favorite Pokémon using this website with the generation set to "All."  Once everyone posts their screenshot set up a bracket as you did on Sonic Overload.  Winners are determined by a team's total base stats.  In other words add up the base stats of the person's top 6 Pokémon using this handy chart from Bulbapedia and bracket it out (yes you can do a losers bracket too to give some people more points).

Video Game Tournaments

Video game tournaments take place on the Fridays-Sundays that occur during January 25-31.  Basically you just divide up the different genres of each day (see above) from if they passed, are that day, or are coming up and base what you play on that.  Start a new bracket for each genre.  See below on when to play which genre for 2015 as an example:

Sunday January 25

Platformers, Shooters

Friday January 30

Fighters, Strategy

Saturday January 31

Racing, RPG, Sports

Hedgehog Day

In celebration of the release of Sonic 3 all you got to do is play through Sonic 3 until all the way through until you beat the game or lose all of your lives.  If you and your friends have been posting pictures somewhere post a photo of your final score.  Highest score wins when doing the brackets.  Just remember prior to doing this bracket double the score of everyone who owns the original Sonic 3 Genesis cartridge and add 1 additional point to each additional time they have it (other Genesis cartridges, compilations, digital download, etc.).

Sonic Bowl

This plays very similar to Sonic Overload.  Only now you have a little better idea of who faces who bracket wise.  Winner and loser brackets for both leagues lose twice to be out.  Get your bracket winners of your leagues so they can have bragging rights for the year.  The two league winners then go head to head, once again need to lose twice to lose.  In other words, if someone from a loser's bracket won their league they need beat someone who didn't lose twice.  Winner of the Sonic Bowl wins a prize you decide what it is and obviously gets bragging rights for the year.

King/Queen of Soniceenmas

After the Sonic Bowl is done and the winner won their prize, tally up everyone's points form all of Soniceenmas.  The most points is pronounced the King or Queen of Soniceenmas and gets their picture taken with a crown, towel cape, and a controller wrapped around a broom or map as their scepter.  Congratulations you just survived Soniceenmas!