Check out the information on this outline for how to Celebrate Holidays!


The Most Epic Winter Holiday...EVER!

Getting tired of hearing "Happy Holidays" every December?  Well now is your chance to really confuse everyone who wants to be politically correct by celebrating a holiday simply known as Holidays!  By combining every winter holiday ever along with your input Holidays truly is the most epic winter holiday ever!  The complete Holidays Description is a work in progress but the outline is finished so you can read the outline to get a good idea of how to celebrate the most epic winter holiday...EVER!

When Do You Celebrate Holidays?

Holidays is 27 calendar days long starting sunset December 5 and ending on sunrise January 1. Though the night before (December 4) you must read Archie's "Sonic the Hedgehog" issue 92.

How do you Celebrate Holidays?

You're going to be sorry you asked that shortly.  There are many different things you can do, music to listen to, read, eat, wear, decorate, things to watch, gifts to give, video games to play, and parties and festivals to attend yet they are all strangely specific.  Generally Holidays celebrates the numbers 3, 5, 6, 7, 9, 11, and 27.  For various reasons it focuses more on 11, 7, and 6 but 3 tends to come up more than 3 and 27.  Ultimately these numbers all mean how much stuff you should do during Holidays.  Holidays is also a celebration of Canada, hedgehogs, parties, playing video games, comic books, Kirby, Pokemon, and staying up at night.  Ultimately it's a time to play video games, celebrate from sunset to sunrise, declare a "King" Kirby for a day, and Kelly Clarkson Queen of Pidmujock.  

If someone asks you to describe Holidays to them tell them it's better than their holiday, epic, Febtober, Flashish, Flashtopian, not plumber or egg friendly, and Soniclicious.

Now you could continue reading or you can read this outline if you just want to get the general idea of how to celebrate Holidays without any crazy long winded explanations.  

How do you prepare for Holidays?

Buy a ton of booze, start shopping for gifts 30 days prior to the start of Holidays, have a daily countdown starting 11 or 30 days out, put a picture of Kirby in a window 11 days prior, have all shopping done 11 days prior to start of holidays, and the night before it starts (December 4) read Sonic #92.

What Should You Watch on Holidays?

The traditional things to watch are the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Star Trek, Futurama, Star Wars, Babylon 5, The Hunger Games, Advent Children, Supernatural, Stargate, and of course holiday specials, especially the Grumpy Cat movie.

What Food Should You Eat on Holidays?

There's quite a bit of food you can eat during holidays just remember that it's a Holidays Tradition for the youngest able person to cut the various cakes when needed.  The foods you can eat during holidays are: beer, cake, dairy, eggs, milk, spaghetti in red sauce, sweet foods, turkey, water, whiskey, and winter ale.  An additonal eleven foods are to be served for the Grand Feast, but more what these 11 and the Grand Fest are later.

What Should You Wear During Holidays?

Anything in the Holidays colors mainly which are black, blue, brown, emerald, gold, green (except on the last two days), red, silver, velociraptor cloaca (RGB 66,18,181/hex #4212A1), white, and yellow (remember these for later on).  Just keep in mind it's a Holidays tradition to also wear bracelets, colorful clothes, costumes, elf hats, lapel pins, phrygian cap, rainbow wrist bands, red hats, what Scott Bakula does, and clothing with Scott Bakula on it.

How Should You Decorate for Holidays?

Of course you should always decorate in the proper colors (black, blue, brown, emerald, gold, green, red, silver, velociraptor cloaca, white, yellow) just remember that when putting these things up.  Now that we have that out of the way you can  decorate with Tasmanian tigers, dinosaurs, Holiday trees (otherwise known as Christmas trees to those who celebrate Christmas), menurkeys, mythical & legendary Pokemon, ornaments, and tree ornaments.  You also must put out pictures of Leonard Nimoy and Scott Bakula.  Lastly you must decorate with the characters of Holidays in a specific way (read below).  All decorations are to be set up by 3pm on the day of the first party.

 Decorate with characters, what characters?

Yes, as with some other "traditional" (but way less epic) winter holidays Holidays does have it's own characters.  They are: blue hedgehogs, Sonic Claus, pink hedgehogs, triceratops, cats, Krampus, phoenix, gnomes, pigs, Santa, and dogs.  See if you celebrate Holidays Santa (along with Sonic Claus and Delibird) still gives you gifts. Getting back on topic here, those may be the characters however there are certain hedgehogs and dinosaurs that are most celebrated.  In order to properly celebrate Holidays it's not necessary to decorate with these characters in a nativity.


What?  No.  Not Jesus.  That's Christimas this is Holidays.  You see Holidays' nativity is way more awesome than Christmas' because you know triceratops and all the other stuff mentioned above.  This nativity with its epic characters must signify [re]birth, [secret] origin[s], all while parodying the Christina one.  Moving on.

Wait...SANTA?!  So you Give Gifts during Holidays?

Of course you do as it's nothing more than an epic alternative to Christmas, Channakuah, and the rest.  You can give gifts at any time during Holidays but Santa (or his helpers Delibird or Sonic Claus) won't visit until the night of December 14 for presents to be opened eventually on December 15.  Just remember that it is a Holidays tradition to give action figures, books, CDs, comic books, digital gift cards, jewelry, movies, pops, stuffed animals, t-shirts, and video games.  Yes these are also the only gifts Santa, Delibird, or Sonic Claus will give you.  

What Music Should You listen to During Holidays?

The answer is what you can drunk white girl dance to.  If you're still not sure what that is it's the following 30 songs: Amish Paradise, Banana Phone, Bang Bang by Jesse J, Bang Bang by Green Day, Dear Future Husband, Die Young, Heaven's on Fire, Hooked on a Feeling, Hot for Teacher, Hot n Cold, I Was Made for Loving You, Lazy SOng, Learn to Fly, Let's Put the X in Sex, Massachusetts, My Life Would Suck Without You, Never Gonna Give You Up, New York Groove, San Diego, Shake it Off, Since U Been Gone, Stray Heart, Stronger, Timber, Too Much Time on my Hands, Uptown Funk, Use Your Love, Wake me up Before Yo Go Go, and Walk.

What Should You Read During Holidays?

Brave New World, Chronicles of Narnia, Cthulhu Mythos, Deadpool, Flash, and Superman.

So do you get to party or what?

Yes, a lot potentially because Holidays has three major festivals with daily themes and named themes where you celebrate and have celebrations from sunset to sunrise every day.  At all of these festivals be sure to have Holidays Egg Hunts (similar to Easter Egg hunts for those who celebrate Easter), Rick Roll, stay awake past midnight, worship moon god(s), and watch Buffy and the Simpsons.  During the all of the festival celebrations you must be sure to avoid conversations about beer, the F/K/M game, fruitcake, never ending games of Cards Against Humanity, setting sail, and the TV show Heroes.  The three major festivals are Febtober Fest, Pidmujock, and the Grand Festival.  Each of these have smaller daily festivals/themes/named days.  The Febtober Fest Days are Cult Day, Brown Day, Blue Day, School Spirit Day, Friend Swap Day, Comic Book Day, and Febtober Fest Day.  The daily themes of Pidmujock are: Pikachu, Illumise, Delibird, Mew, Umbreon, Jolteon, Omastar (Praise be to Lord Helix), Charizard, and Kyurem.  Finally the daily festivals of the Grand Festival are the Grand Racing Games Night, Grand Night Service, Grand Feast, Grand Cult of Kirby Service, Grand Flash Remembrance Service, Grand Holy Sonic Service, Grand Pokemon Honor Service, Grand Special Service, Grand Scott Bakula Party, Grand Mean Bean Machine Party, and the Grand Celebration.  Of the Grand Festival festivals the most important are the Grand Feast and Grand Celebration, but we'll get into both of them in a bit.

Febtober Fest and Pidmujock?  Why do those sound so familiar?

Both of these used to be separate Holidays that we at ASSC Studios celebrated.  In 2013 the two holidays were combined into Febtoberjock.  In 2016 it was voted upon by those who celebrated to integrate Febtoberjock into Holidays.  Thus they became the first two festivals of Holidays.  

Febtober Fest is celebrated from sunset December 5 to sunrise December 12.  Aquaman is the official mascot of Febtober Fest and each daily theme is celebrated by wearing a correctly colored or themed shirt on the corresponding day.  Fat males also can't shave their beard until after the Febtober Fest party.  Alternatively to the shirts and beards you can wear funny hats or aprons so you don't have to worry about the dress code.  You could also wear pants of the themed day or all of themes every day in some fashion however it is ultimately the shirts that count.  The calendar dates of the days change from year to year but five of them follow a general order which are Brown Day, Blue Day, School Spirit Day, Friend Swap Day, and Comic Book Day.  Cult day is Celebrated on the first Sunday of Holidays while Febtober Fest Day is celebrated on the first Saturday of Holidays, with the other five days going in the order previously mentioned on all of the other days from sunset December 5 to sunrise December 12.  The order of the days and their calendar days for the next several years are as follows:

  2019 2020 2021
12/5 Brown Day Febtober Fest Day Cult Day
12/6 Blue Day Cult Day Brown Day
12/7 Febtober Fest Day Brown Day Blue Day
12/8 Cult Day Blue Day School Spirit Day
12/9 School Spirit Day School Spirit Day Friend Swap Day
12/10 Friend Swap Day Friend Swap Day Comic Book Day
12/11 Comic Book Day Comic Book Day Febtober Fest Day

Now a quick run down of the days.  Brown Day you wear a brown shirt, Blue day blue shirt, School Spirit Day you wear a shirt from/of any school/college/university/place of learn you have ever attended/worked at, Friend Swap Day you dress as/like/similar to a friend or swap favorite shirts or jackets with a friend for the day or for just a group picture of you chose to have one, and comic book day you wear comic book shirts.  

Cult day is a bit more complicated than just wearing a corresponding shirt for a named day.  Quickest way to explain it is by saying you go to Red Robin and eat the Febtober Fest colors (chart below) and whatever you don't eat you have to wear.  Best bet is either to plan what you want to eat before you go to Red Robin and/or wear all of the colors.

Hope that chart clears up your delicious Red Robin meals.  Now to really confuse you all with Febtober Fest Day.  With start with the easy part, what shirts you wear.  Shirts go by height.  If you're under 5'5" you can wear red, yellow, or silver.  If you are exactly 5'5" you can wear black, brown, or gold.  If you are over 5'5" you can wear green, blue, or Velociraptor cloaca.  Once again Velociraptor Cloaca is RGB 66,18,181/hex #4212A1.  It's a darker royalish purple.  Another name for it is Blue Gem if that helps anyone.   Now on to the Febtober Fest Party.

The Febtober Fest Party is held on Febtober Fest day which is the first Saturday of Holidays.  As with every Holidays celebration it is celebrated from sunset to sunrise.  Specifically from sunset on the first Saturday of Holidays to sunrise the following day.  On this day you tell everyone you see to have a Merry Febtober Fest.  You should be doing this throughout Febtober Fest anyway but it's most important to do so on Febtober Fest Day.  You must make sure you wear the proper clothes.  That is either the shirts by heights or the alternative apron or funny hat.  If you don't follow the dress code you are shunned for the day.  Really this only means you are excluded from any groups taken which you will then be required to take pictures of.  Even still this really only happens with a down right refusal of the dress code.  You must also order the Febtoberjock (that's right Febtoberjock) pizza.  Besides your normal crust, cheese, and sauce it also has olives, pppers, sausage, jalapenos, pepperoni, and hamburger.  At the party you also watch a stupid movie.  The stupid movie must be different every year and can never be repeated unless the movie is "Netforce" starring Scott Bakula.  "Netforce" can always be a choice.  Ultimately though if anyone named or nicknamed Dan attends your Febtober Fest Day party this person has final say on what movie is watched.  For the whole day Guam and Cascadia are celebrated as well as Guam is recognized as the USA's 51st state and Cascadia is recognized as a sovereign nation during Febtober Fest day (which again is from sunset to sunrise).  Due to this a 51 star USA flag and a Cascadian flag must be present at the Febtober Fest Day party.  Feel free to do something amazingly awesome and something else creative to honor both Guam & Cascadia.  

There's also the matter of the cow pinata which must be fairly, safely, and considerately beheaded and completely destroyed starting at 10:30pm.  You must use only plastic lightsabers to hit the pinata.  If a Dan is still attendance this person goes first followed by the final placement in how people placed in earlier game competitions.  The games you compete in earlier in the party are Guitar Hero 3 and Super Smash Bros Brawl unless it's raining then it's Mario & Sonic at the 2008 Olympic Games, Wii Sports, and Sega All-Star Racing.  People who didn't play go after the loser of the game competition alphabetically by last name unless there is a majority of party attendees that were non-players in which case it is alphabetically by first name.  Make sure everyone gets the same amount of turns and keep continuing a round until everyone has hit the same amount of times.  The amount of rounds you go hitting the pinata depends how long it takes to decapitate the pinata.  If anyone calls a redo hit or calls a certain place in line to hit that person automatically forfeits hitting the pinata.  Don't forget to put Aquaman in the pinata before hitting it so he can be found after the pinata has been destroyed! 

Lastly at the Febtober Fest Day party you want to make sure you film and photograph the insanity the ensues.  Multiple groups shots may be needed if it is decided that one person always has to take the photo if there is no one being shunned (or you can you know just take a group selfie).  When you film be sure to film a Kill Bill parody type walk scene and that enough video is taken to make a music video of the event to Motley Crue's "Hooligan's Holiday."  If someone has a pickup truck make sure you take a group shot in the truck's bed.  Be sure you are using your camera/phone the whole time and that you aren't pawning it off on someone else.  With the exception of anyone being shunned make sure your group shots include everyone.  You have to also at least try to break your previous year's photo count however there is a catch as every year you need to take at least 162-551 pictures.  Keep track of your camera/phone so that you use the same one the entire night.  You can't steal or use someone else's camera/phone or give yours to someone unless it's a shunned person who is forced to take the group shots.  The only other people who can be forced to take pictures/cameras/phones are those who don't play video games that night.

Now that we're down with the craziness that is Febtober Fest we move on to Pidmujock which is celebrated for 9 days from sunset December 12 to sunrise December 21.  Each day represents a letter in Pidmujock which is a daily theme of a certain Pokemon's line, form, family, etc, etc, etc.  The days are Pikachu, Delibird, Illumise, Mew, Umbreon, Jolteon, Omastar (praise be to Lord Helix), Charizard, and Kyruem.  Pikachu is celebrated sunset December 12 to sunrise December 13, Delibird 13-14, in order all the way to Kyruem from sunset December 20 to sunrise December 21.  Through out this time period be sure to consume s'mores, pizza, snacks, alcohol, and Chinese food.  Be sure to also hold lightsaber competitions, sleep in as late as possible, acknowledge since Jesus rose from the dead he was a zombie, post Velociraptor Entry points on weak points in your neighborhood or home, label easily explained events as miracles, and recognize all forms of chaos.  Feel free to hold video game competitions or marathons with your friends in Sega All Stars Racing, Pokemon, Injustice, Mario, Just Dance, and Star Wars games.  Also be a nerd these days by wearing a nerdy t-shirt, display your nerdy possessions, and wear glasses if you own them.  Lastly there's once again the subject of if you know someone named or nicknamed Dan.  This Dan person you know is declared king of Pidmujock.  You do this by parading around this person's picture and having a cult of personality developed around this Dan.  This lasts for all nine days of Pidmujock from sunset December 12 right up to sunrise December 21.

Can your provide more on this Grand Festival?

The Grand Festival is a set of 11 grand themed days that each serve as a night festival from sunset December 21 to sunrise January 1.  As mentioned above the daily festivals of the Grand Festival are the Grand Racing Games Night, Grand Night Service, Grand Feast, Grand Cult of Kirby Service, Grand Flash Remembrance Service, Grand Holy Sonic Service, Grand Pokemon Honor Service, Grand Special Service, Grand Scott Bakula Party, Grand Mean Bean Machine Party, and the Grand Celebration.  The two most important festivals are the Grand Feast from sunset December 23 to sunrise December 24 and the Grand Celebration from sunset December 31 to sunrise January 1, but we'll get in to more detail about those in a little bit.  

The Grand Racing Games Night is celebrated from sunset December 21 to sunrise December 22.  On this night you play Mario Kart, Sega All-Star Racing, and Kirby Air Ride.  The Grand Night Service is sunset December 22 to sunrise December 23 and you blog of pi, use an apple product, and wear a stuffed dinosaur on your shoulder, a cape, a costume, and a wig.  Like it keeps being said the Grand Fest is sunset December 23 to sunrise December 24 and more details are to follow about this very important festival. 

The Grand Cult of Kirby Service is from sunset December 24 to Sunrise December 25 and you play a bunch of Kirby games, read Jack Kirby comics, honor the New Gods, dedicate a place in your home as the "Temple of Kirby," elect a "King Kirby" of your household to preside over the day, and be sure to give the standard greeting of, "Io, io, io, Kirbyalia!"  The Grand Flash Remembrance Service is from sunset December 25 to Sunrise December 26 and is a time to read and watch the various deaths and rebirths of the various Flashes in comics and other media, hold a moment of silence at 11:11 for 9.85 seconds, and wear the colors of any of the Flashes.  The Grand Holy Sonic Service is from Sunset December 26 to sunrise December 27 and you play the crappy Sonic Games until you have a new appreciation for the good Sonic which you then play, be sure to eat chili dogs and/or onion rings if possible.  The Grand Pokemon Honor Service is from sunset December 27 to sunrise December 28 and you play a ton of Pokemon and you do this by playing thorugh the original gen 1 games again and by beating the Elite 4 again.  

The Grand Special service is from sunset December 28 to sunrise December 29 it is a time to visit friends if you wish but it is also a time to play Mario Bros and Mortal Kombat 3 as well as study [the fake religion made that Holidays is the Winter Holiday of], Religion, and video game laws.  You can also chose to study OR play Miaymoto's games, the Sega 32x, the Sega CD, and video games the follow "The Rules."  The video games that follow "The Rules" are: Bioshock, Grand Theft Auto IV, Guitar Hero III, all the Mario Kart games, Mass Effect, Orange Box, Skyrim, Star Wars Force Unleashed 1 & 2, Super Mario Galaxy, and Wii Sports.  Don't forget to try and stay awake most of the night too!

The Grand Scott Bakula Party is from sunset December 29 to sunrise December 30 where you watch a ton of his TV shows and films along with "The Room" take selfies, dress as a Storm Trooper, wear a Viking hat, and celebrate cats.  The Grand Mean Bean Machine Party is sunset December 30 to sunrise December 31 this should be pretty self explanatory but in case it isn't be sure to play shit ton of Mean Bean Machine.  Finally there's the Grand Celebration but more on that later.

Now about this Grand Feast you Mentioned?

As stated previously the Grand Feast is the second most important Festival of the Grand Festival and is celebrated from sunset December 23 to sunrise December 24.  It is a celebrate of Kirby if he were the Flash, everything related to and named after Kirby games, and Dolph.  I have no clue who the hell Dolph is but you celebrate Dolph during the Grand Feast.  Before the feast gets under way be sure to take a selfie with your friends in front of your town's nativity scene.  As for the feast itself it consists of bourbon, Doritos, gingerbread cookies, candy canes, chocolate, barbecue, M & M Cake, tea, marshmallows, and scotchka.  Alternatively you could go out for pizza instead.

That's Great, but About this Grand Celebration?

The Grand Celebration is the most important Festival of the Grand Festival and is celebrated from sunset December 31 to sunrise January 1.  It's a late night house dance party with an outdoor theme that lasts all not and is a total uninhibited good time.  Be sure to invite your friends and co-workers to watch Super Troopers, sit in a chair or bench, not divide up in to sub-cliques and have a costume party fashion show.  


And that I did.  At some point have everyone show off their costumes and choose a winner.  Just as a heads up winning the Holidays Grand Celebration Costume Contest is the equivalent to winning a game of "Whose Line."  There are traditional costumes to be worn for the Grand Celebration instead of just any costume that can be worn through or during the Holidays as a whole or the Grand Night Service.  The costume to be worn at the Grand Celebration are bird costumes, character costumes (preferably from any of the franchises mentioned but really any character from any franchise is fine), colorful costumes, Christmas suits, elf costumes, and demon costumes,  or you can also dress as a profession, royalty, a witch, a decade, or cross dress.

Besides the Game Nights do you play video games?

Yes you do but there's a lot of Holidays tradition going into playing games and of course there are only certain games you can play.  Hey if you've come this far in celebrating Holidays you might as well play video games the traditional Holidays way and experience the video game playing ritual!

Video Game Playing Ritual?

That's right there is a ritual to play video games during Holidays.  Be sure to not look at any guides while playing, play dressed as religious figures (from any religion including parody, fictional, and internet religions), play at night, banter before you start playing, have the screen as clean as possible.  As always winners get bragging rights. 

What Should You do in Video Games During Holidays?

First you need to pick a game.  Be sure the majority playing must like the game that is being played.  The games you play must have never needed any DLC, has good plot, a swordsman, and a thief and the protagonist must not be an anti-hero.  While you're playing the most obnoxious player gets the worst controller, you must respect when a characters is off limits in multiplayer, a game/level/map/etc must be played that everyone can enjoy, those in first or last too long must pass the controller, be open minded about unfamiliar games/levels/maps/characters/etc, play until the game/match/round/map/level is finished, be kind even if you don't like the game/map/level/character, don't talk during cut scenes, call a cheap shot every time you lose a life, and blame losing badly on other players hacking.  Ultimately the house must like the game being played.

What you just read is mostly for multi-player but there are some things to keep in mind for single player as well as addition to what was mentioned above.  Obviously you can't do all of these in every video game but when possible use black, blue, demon, orange, or elf characters.  Oh yeah and then there's a bunch of stuff you need to do in Pokemon...

What Should You Do in Pokemon?

While playing if anyone talks to you in person or texts you you can only respond by saying your name.  In game you can't run from battles (they started it so take care of their blasphemy), you can only breed Pokemon at level 30, you can not use cut, any egg must remain on your team until level 11, you can not assign any useless moves (such as splash), you must talk to every NPC, and you are required to fill up your entire party.  Speaking of your party you only have 30 Pokemon to choose from to put on your team.  These possible 30 change every generation but for Generation 7 you have your choice of Abomasnow, Beartic, Blastoise, Celebi, Charizard, Delibird, Charizard, Eiscue, Gyarados, Keldeo, Kingler, Kyurem, Lapras, Lucario, Manectric, Mew, Morpeko, Necrozma, Pikachu, Rapidash, Reshiram, Rillaboom, Solgaleo, Tyranitar, Venusaur, Virizion, Weavile, Zacian, Zamazenta, Zekrom, Zeraora.  

For future reference as newer generations come out you can determine your new possible team Pokemon by taking the 30 Pokemon that fit most into these categories:
Any main series pokedex number 11, 30, 616, and 666.
A black, blue, electric, grass, green, ice, legendary, starter, mythical, useless (ie Magikarp), pig based, pink, red, water, white, and yellow Pokemon.
From Capsule Monsters, Gary/Blue's team in any continuity, and placed in the top 30 of the 2016 Japan survey of the country's favorite Pokemon.
Must not be a fossil or genderless Pokemon and can not be from the same line (unless it's a split final evolution).
Must be Lucario, Pikachu, a version mascot that matches a Holidays color, an an evolved form.

Oh and for those of you who are wondering "evolved form" during Holidays means it's evolved from leveling up, not a baby or first form, and any form that has a pre-evolution.

One last thing, this not only applies to the main series or the video games but to other Pokemon games as well such as Pokemon Go, the TCG, various other Freemium games etc.

What other Video Games Should You Play During Holidays?

Yes there are some specific ones that should be played.  You can continue with the following rambling paragraphs or you can view them starting at page 6 on the Holidays outline.  Unless a title is specifically mentioned you are to play the latest game of the series.  For example during Holidays 2017 Sonic [the Hedgehog] would mean Sonic Forces.  Now that that's cleared up the types of games you play from are banned, action, dance, Sega Genesis, latest Nintendo Handheld, brawling, role-playing, platforming, and Nintendo 3/DS games. 

The banned video game series you should play are: all Pokemon games (includes freemium games such as Go and Shuffle), GTA, Mass Effect, Mortal Kombat, Darksiders, Mario Party, Assassin's Creed, Bioshock, Elder Scrolss, Dead Space, and the infamous 1982 ET.

The action games you should play are: Ghostbusters the video game, Kirby Triple Deluxe, Kirby's Adventure, Kirby's Dream land 1-3, Kirby's Epic Yarn, Kirby's Super Star, Star Wars Force Unleashed 1 & 2, and (as mentioned above) the latest Batman Arkham game.   

The [Just] dance games you should play are: Just Dance 3 & 4, 2014 & 2015, Summer Dance Party, and (as mentioned above) the latest Just Dance game.

The Sega Genesis Games you should play are: Cosmic Spacehead, Earthworm Jim, Aladdin, Lion King, Toejam & Earl, and Sonic 1.

The latest Nintendo Handheld game series you should play are: Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games, Mario Sports, Batman, Zelda, Kirby, and Mario Kart.

The brawlers you should play are: Super Smash Bros Brawl, Melee, Wii U, 3DS, and the original.

The RPGS you should play are: EarthBound, Paper Mario, Final Fantasy, Skyrim, Oblivion, and Final Fantasy 7 where you must initiate the Yuffie date, always have Yuffie in your party, and you must visit Wutai.

The Strategy/Puzzle Games you should play are: Tetris, Kirby Mass Attack, Starcraft, The Sims, Ms. Pacman, Mean Bean Machine, Wii Sports & Play, Guitar Hero 2 & 3, and (as mentioned above) the latest in the Wii series.

The platformers you should play are: Super Mario Galaxy, Enslaved, and Sonic.

The Nintendo 3/DS Games you should play are: Mind Quiz, Tetris DS, and Super Mario.

The Fighters you should play are: Super Smash Bros, WWE, and Marvel vs Capcom.

Once again unless a title is specifically mentioned be sure you are playing the latest game in the series mentioned. 

Do you do Anything Else on Holidays?

A question you will soon regret asking.  But yes there is a lot more you do on Holidays.  Though I'm sure you gathered that by reading some of the above.  From sunset December 5 to sunrise January 1 not only should you remember to fit in everything above but there are certain things to do throughout the day and ways to prepare, play Cards Against Humanity, and describe Holidays to others.  

You already know several times over that Holidays is celebrated for 27 days from sunset December 5 to sunrise January 1.  During this time make sure you are celebrating Canada, declaring Kirby the best every, being OCD about 11, telling people to have a Bakuromney time, using #jimleeparty for ALL of your social media posts, and if anyone questions you about anything about what you're doing during/for Holidays yo tell them it's ok because it's Pikachu approved.  Certain numbers are also held with significance during this time.  These numbers are 1, 3, 5, 6, 11, and 30.  When you're playing Cards Against Humanity during Holidays be sure you are only using cards based on Holidays characters/readings/etc/etc/etc, playing drug related cards, and that you don't play more than 1 hour, 3 turns, 5 total times played, or everyone playing has put down 6 cards.

You prepare for Holidays by buying a ton of booze, begin shopping for gifts 30 days prior to the start of Holidays, have daily countdowns 11 or 30 days out, put a picture of Kirby in a window 11 days prior, have all shopping done 11 days prior to start of Holidays, and the night prior (December 4) you read Archie's Sonic #92.

FINALLY, you can describe Holidays to other by saying it's, the best winter holiday ever, better than your holiday, dinotopic, epic, febtober, flashish, flashtopian, kirbyesque, not plumber or egg friendly, soniclicoius, and strategery.