Out of the ashes of the original Febtober Fest, Pidmujock, Febtoberjock and Holidays comes Pidmufebjockfest.  It was decided in the final Holidays Questionnaires answers that what remained of all of all these would be combined together to form Pidmufebjockfest.  A random number from the significant numbers of all of these holidays was chosen, that number was 51.  From there 51 items from the remains of these holidays were at random to combine and create this brand new holiday brought to you by ASSC Studios.  An average date of all the dates of the holidays was found, and thus the date of celebration of Pidmufebjockfest became always the Saturday before September 24.  The chart below shows which date Pidmufebjockfest will be celebrated up until 2023:

Year 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022 2023
Date 9/23 9/22 9/21 9/19 9/18 9/17 9/23

Why until 2023?  Because we really want to show how serious we are about Pidmufebjockfest being on the Saturday BEFORE 9/24.  It can never be celebrated on 9/24 just on the Saturday before.  Now how to celebrate this amalgam holiday!

You can celebrate Pidmufebjockfest by acting spiritual, eating vegetables, having a small social party, and holding the number 51 with significance.  You must also blog of, celebrate, decorate with, play Pokemon, listen to, play, read, and wear specific things in specific ways.

Blog of not reading "Ode to Nightingale" and of Pokemon.

Celebrate Kirby (the video game character) and of course on the Saturday before September 24 (see chart above).

Give gifts of movies and chocolate to loved ones who must return the favor.

Read the Millennium Trilogy and anything with Thor in it.

Wear a viking hat, fake beard, red, white, and yellow.

Play adventure games, Doom, Elite Beat Agents, Jak and Daxter, Just Dance 2, Just Dance Best Of, Killer Instinct, Trials Fusion, and any video games where playability is better than graphics and that aren't the Silent Hill series.  While playing video games please remember, no cheap shots.

As Pokemon is not the Silent Hill series you can play it, and if you so choose to you must play a certain way.  Do not use snake like Pokemon or Pokemon with form/forme changes.  You can however use Aerodactyl, demon based Pokemon, Espeon, Gen 1/Kanto families/lines, Mewtwo, and Pokemon that were in Capsule Monsters HOWEVER other people must pick your party using these guidelines but you are allowed to pick the movesets.  You are also limited to only playing Pokemon Platinum and can only use 3 revives on KOed members of your party before switching with others in your PC (which of course must be chosen by others).  

Lastly there are seven songs you must listen ton Pidmufebjockfest:

Blood Red Sandman by Lordi
Chainsaw Buffet by Lordi
Getting Jiggy Wit It by Will Smith
Hide Your Heart by Kiss
Larger Than Life by The Backstreet Boys
See You Again by 
Wiz Khalifa
Three Little Pigs by Green Jelly