February 2019

February 28
New Trumped.  Not that Trump Card is based on a real person or president or anyone but if he were, at what point do we say (*cough* remember *cough*) he's a crook an had to get the boot from office.  Again, not that Trump Card is based on anyone or anything.

February 24
I got distracted with trying to get a shiny Meltan in Pokemon Go and Let's Go Pikachu but I got 3 now so here's a Trumped!  On a related note, Idaho get your act together and dump Risch!

February 7
Hey look at that, another new Trumped!  I swear I'll stop for a bit and switch to another comic once I get to 26.  


February 3
New Trumped!  Hope you all enjoyed your Soniceenmas!