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Welcome to the new ASSC Studios! We're still under re-construction but you can still check the old site here.

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June 26 (KSchad)

Um...guess who forgot to update? Yeah, it was me. We have A LOT of new videos coming your way! There's episodes 9-12 of Super Smash Ultimate (here's the playlist) and episode 3 of The Bat Collector. Mostly, though, eight reviews! Check out reviews of: Top Gun Maverick, Jurassic World Dominion, Crimes of the Future 2022, Lightyear, Obi-Wan Kenobi, The Black Phone, The Umbrella Academy Season 3 AND Episode 6 of Quick Thoughts featuring The Northman, Chip N Dale 2022, The Bob's Burgers Movie, Senior Year, Marmaduke 2022, The Pentaverate, All of Us Are Dead, The Flight Attendant Season 2, Men and Outer Range! Enjoy!

June 17 (Shadow)

Hey all. Sorry for the lack of updates recently both on here and our Instagram. Just needed to take a little social media/internet break for awhile. Then KSchad had a few updates over on our YouTube Channel. Continuing on with ASSC 500 in this new Special Edition.

June 8 (Shadow)

Ugh, this Special Edition took a lot out of me for some reason. Usually I can plow through making four panels in less than hour but this time it took me about four hours. I really need to end ASSC for a fourth time to move on to sprite comics that require less planning.

June 6 (Shadow)

I put the wrong date on this new Special Edition. Oh well. Speaking of wrong dates I got my dates mixed up Friday but I still did the comic the day I said I was going to (today). However the date should have been yesterday but I forgot that I was going to not be getting shiny Pokemon in that awful Pokemon Go Fest Niantic gave us so it's today as I said. With that said I currently plan to update Wednesday as it should be. Hopefully catch you all then.

June 3 (Shadow)

As you can all guess by now I have been dreading (and thus purposely putting off) making the 500th ASSC. Since it will take so long to finish you can see the first four panels as the latest Special Edition. Yes, this is literally the reason why I brought back Special Editions. I know I skipped yesterday's update for today but at the moment I still plan on the normal next regular update which would be Monday.

May 30 (Shadow)

Here we are, the second to last ASSC.

May 29 (KSchad)

Oh hey, I remembered it was Sunday! Got three videos from this past week, and at least two are great (lol)! Check out two new gaming videos in Evil Dead The Game Ep. 3 and Smash Ultimate Ep. 8. And don't forget the new Minute Review of the highly anticipated fourth season of Stranger Things!

May 24 (Shadow)

Today again was too crazy of a day for a real new sprite comic. However, Special Editions are back (sort of). They will be serving a new purpose seeing as Random Stupidity and ASSC Studios serve the initial purpose of the Special Editions. Basically when edits or alternatives need to be made to existing comics or large comics get uploaded in small chunks (like last year's Random Stupidity 500 which starts in Special Editions here) they will go there. Let's see how long this lasts.

May 23 (KSchad)

Guess who forgot to do the Sunday video update? Spoiler: this guy! As Shadow already mentioned, a new Not Another Top List is live! As you know, ASSC loves Sonic the Hedgehog. We did the Top 30 Best Sonic games, so we figured it was time to do the WORST Sonic games! We also have Episode 2 of Evil Dead: The Game for some Deadite killing goodness, and Episode 7 of Super Smash Ultimate! Check it all out, and I'll cya soon.

May 22 (Shadow)

Neither of us apparently had time to post this yesterday but yesterday's update was KSchad's Not Another Top List: The Top 10 WORST Sonic the Hedgehog Games. I plan on updating again Tuesday (I'm sure KSchad will have a few videos for you all before then) and hopefully it will be a sprite comic that time.

May 18 (Shadow)

Time to start to reconcile the timelines in universes in this new ASSC.

May 16 (KSchad)

A day late with my update, but that's because a video was uploaded yesterday AND today! So I waited a day. Anywho...we have FIVE new videos to showcase!!. Check out: episode 6 of Smash Ultimate, Retro Gaming: The Immortal, Firestarter (2022) Fails to Ignite, The Bat Collector Ep. 2 and last but not least...Evil Dead: The Game episode 1!

May 12 (Shadow)

This ASSC probably isn't quite the pay off you've been waiting for since 2004 but it's close enough. Maybe if I ever get enough ambition the actual ending will be known soon. Maybe, but you all know me by now so it's probably a probably not.

May 9 (Shadow)

Quickly trying to wrap up ASSC for good.

May 8 (KSchad)

Happy Mother's Day to all you mother's out there! Why not celebrate with this weeks videos? We have FIVE to check out, though make sure to subscribe to our YouTube Channel and you'll see them immediately upon upload! There are two new Minute Reviews, both from the mighty Marvel Cinematic Universe. Enjoy History Comes to Life in Marvel's Moon Knight and Dr. Strange in the Multiverse of Madness Massively Expands the MCU. Don't worry, though, NO SPOILERS in the Dr. Strange 2 review, so it's safe to watch if you haven't seen the movie yet. Then two new gaming videos, namely Episode 6 of Super Smash Bros Ultimate and a new Retro Gaming featuring Nightshade. Last but not least, a new Legos video with the Back to the Future DeLorean. Check it all out!

May 6 (Shadow)

New ASSC picks up right where Pink Day left off. March updates have been moved to Recent Updates and the April updates have been moved below the page break.

May 1 (Kschad)

What better way to kick off May than with the Sunday video update?! We have three new videos live on our YouTube Channel (whaaaaaaat? You have subscribed yet?? Get on that!). First is Episode 5 of Quick Thoughts, featuring reviews of Russian Doll Season 2, Windfall, All the Old Knives, No One Gets Out Alive, Moonshot, Master, Apollo 10 1/2, The Bubble, Metal Lords and Dual. A new Retro Gaming also hit, this time Super Dodge Ball! And last but certainly not least we have a debut! Check out the first episode of The Bat Collector, a new series where I showcase my Batman collection!