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March 31 (Shadow)

The recap ends so ASSC can pick up where it (sort of) left off 18 years ago.

March 28 (Shadow)

New ASSC. Still continuing with the recap for those who missed a crisis and a snap.

March 27 (KSchad)

Been a little bit since I've posted (aka I forgot lol). There are THREE new episodes of Retro Gaming and a new Quick Thoughts! Check out S.C.A.T., Mighty Bomb Jack and Ninja JaJaMaru-kun for gaming, and Quick Thoughts Episode 4 featuring Squid Game, South Park 25, The Lost City, X, Disenchantment, Brand New Cherry Flavor, DMZ, Guardians of Justice, Pieces of Her and Cheaper by the Dozen (2022). EDIT (SHADOW) ...and for National Joe Day we have a new Random Stupidity and Bidened.

March 25 (Shadow)

As promised at the end of the character battle a new ASSC.

March 22 (Shadow)

If you wish view our Privacy Policy which is really just saying there is nothing we do that collects data but we're putting one up just to cover ourselves.

March 20 (KSchad)

A new episode of Retro Gaming has hit our YouTube channel! Check out KSchad as he plays the classic Donkey Kong '81!

March 19 (Shadow)

Without spoiling too much from this new ASSC Studios, we have a character battle winner and yes we will be revisiting that again soon too...stay tuned...

March 18 (Shadow)

The top two of the 2022 character battle which you can vote in.

March 17 (Shadow)

Looks like I have no posts from KSchad to tack on to today oh well ;-P. The character battle page has been updated and there's a new ASSC Studios to go along with said character battle. Don't forget to vote in the character battle. Oh and finally cleaned up the front page a little. You can check out all of the 2021 updates here.

March 16 (KSchad) & an edit by Shadow to steal this post's thunder :-P

I told you I'd be back! Episode 3 of Quick Thoughts just hit the YouTube channel! Featuring quick reviews of Nobody, Antlers, Promising Young Woman, Space Force season 2, The King's Man, The Last Duel, Nightmare Alley, Murderville, The Adam Project and Studio 666 (starring the Foo Fighters)...check it out! EDIT New ASSC Studios as we continue to quickly go through the 2022 character which you shouldn't forget to vote in.

March 15 (KSchad) & an edit by Shadow

I've been slacking a bit when updating, so let's do an update! We got THREE new reviews that hit the YouTube channel. Check out the latest on Uncharted, Pixar's Turning Red, and the one you've all been waiting for: a Batman fanatic's thoughts on The Batman! Stay tuned tomorrow for a new episode of Minute Review Quick Thoughts as well. EDIT KSchad beat me to the update by like 45 minutes. On top of all of his reviews I have the 225th ASSC Studios: The Sprite Comic which of course is the next one in the 2022 Character Battle. Didn't have time to update that page today so hopefully tomorrow. Oh and don't forget to vote in the character battle.

Pi Day (Shadow)
Happy Pi Day all! What better way to celebrate Pi Day than with starting the Character Battle? That page will be updated tomorrow. Don't forget to vote in the character battle as well. Catch you all tomorrow as our March Mania continues.

March 13 (Shadow)
A new ASSC Studios ushers in of our March Mania!

March 10 (Shadow)

This ASSC Studios brings us very close to the character battle. March Madness is 3 days away!

March 7 (Shadow)

Wait what's that in the sky in this new ASSC Studios? Find out as we get ever so closer to the 2022 character battle.

March 4 (Shadow)

Using current events for the final S*H*I*T. With this the multiverse of each comic universe should now all be restored. That means we can begin the countdown to the 2022 character battle soon.

March 1 (Shadow)

Happy March! I still need to clean up the news pages. Anywho new Spritegate: WT-F to end that with that universe returning.

February 24

TWO new Minute Reviews? Why the heck not?! Check out the latest reviews of Peacemaker: Give Peace a F*&$ing Chance and Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2022: The Franchise That Just Won't Die

February 23 (Shadow)
A new ASSC Remix which officially ends that on a seemingly cryptic note. Just assume that it carried on in a "remixed" way that the original ASSC then. Stay tuned to what that cryptic message means.

February 21

If you don't subscribe to our YouTube channel then you missed the second episode of Minute Reviews Quick Thoughts! This second episode features quick reviews of Army of Thieves, Encanto, Cobra Kai IV, Black Friday, The 355, Archive 81, The Fallout, The Woman in the House Across the Street from the Woman in the Window (who thought that was a good title?!), Moonfall and Kimi. Check it out!

February 20 (Shadow)

I really need to clean up the front page but that is not a task for today. *ahem* A cryptic message as the sprite comic world of Another Sonic Sprite Comic is returned.

February 17 (Shadow)

Now it's time we return to our (failed attempt at a) world of Pokemon to see what happened to our trainers there after their universe returned.

February 14

(KSchad) It's Valentine's Day, and what better to celebrate than with a new Minute Review! Check out the latest review on The Book of Boba FettUpdate #2 (Shadow)...and to show how much we love you it's a second update with a new (regular/old) UNSINKABLE. Catching up what happened to the original UNSINKABLE crew after their part of the multiverse returned while also ending it for a fourth time.

February 11 (Shadow)

With Soniceenmas behind us and the character battle in front of us let's check in how UNSINKABLE: Retold is handling returning to their part of the multiverse. Man I really need to bring over the past updates section from the old site.

February 7

Have you subscribed to our YouTube channel yet? No?! Then you missed the latest Minute Review! Check out the review of Jackass Forever, BUT WAIT! THERE'S MORE! The first Retro Gaming video is also live and a new collectibles video just hit, too. After checking out the Minute Review, don't forget to watch Wrecking Crew: I'm Gonna Wreck It! and Putting Together the Lego Batman Cowl

January 21

A new Nintendo Trek as we continue to put back all the comic universes. If you're a Star Trek fan hopefully you'll see what I did and know why this one is slightly different than the last before Eclipse's snap.

January 18

After that Bidened that mentioned the multiverse collapse figured I'd ease into 2022 sprite comics by seeing what happened in each world afterwards. Some like this new Knight Rider: The Parody will also serve as quick quasi-endings for sprite comics that never got proper ends. Since at one point they were the same world it's also an end fir The Directrix. With that being said spoilers for Matrix 4.

January 16

A new Collectibles video is here! Check out as KSchad opens the second All Elite Crate from All Elite Wrestling!

January 15

A new Minute Review is live! Check out the review of Scream 5! And don't forget to check out the Videos page in the upper right to see all of our latest videos

January 12

The Soniceenmas page has been copied and updated from the old site. Check it out!

January 9

All original 100 "Another Sonic Sprite Comics" (aka the original ASSC) are now back up. In case you need help navigating to our comic section you can start with ASSC/Another Sonic Sprite Comic here.

January 6

New Bidened. Also forgot to update on 1/3 that the Holidays Overview page is back up.

January 1, 2022

Happy 2022! What's the best way to celebrate the new year? With the first episode of Minute Review Quick Thoughts! With TEN quick reviews in ONE, how can you go wrong?! Features Hawkeye, Red Notice, Midnight Mass, Tiger King and more! Check it out