April 16, 2024
Updated through the next three weeks of primaries. Again no surprises. Another update to the Electoral Map:

March 25, 2024
With the character battle over we are back. Updated through Tuesday's primaries, not surprises there Ol' Joe and Trump Card across the board. There is an update to the electoral map though...

January 29, 2024

Updated all states through end of March primaries. and it looks exactly the same again. Again not going to upload so scroll below to see the map from the 14th. It will be posted on our Instagram. Yet again Ol' Joe and Trump card in all the states primaring/caucusing through March.

January 20, 2024

Updated all the states through super Tuesday and our prediction map looks exactly the same. Not going to upload it here since you can just scroll below to see the map from the 14th but it will be posted on our Instagram. Again Ol' Joe and Trump card in all the states they are on the primary or caucus ballots in.

January 14, 2024

Well here we are. We didn't learn our lessons four years ago so it looks like we're heading into a rerun. We rushed this but we at least have a prediction. Since it's rushed we only have polling data from the pre-Super Tuesday states combined with historical and some (but not all) of our usual electoral sources. This does not include any national polling.

Again with the used data it appears to be Ol' Joe v Trump Card again. With the available data it appear to be another four years of Bidened. As for the primaries before Super Tuesday it's Ol' Joe for the Dems and the GOP continues to play their Trump Card.

Previous Elections can be found in our Archives Section