Tired of the same boring holidays?  Annoyed with the commercialization of your former favorite holidays?  Holidays found on other websites just not cutting it for you?  Well then you're in luck!  ASSC Studios is offering you not one, not two, not three, but four holidays for the internet price of one. 

That's right, ASSC Studios has created several holidays that are celebrated for those who want to celebrate more than the dozenish holidays normally celebrated in a given year!  That and we're kind of desperate for attention and are hoping these holidays will get us hits or at least a footnote somewhere.

Oh yeah and if you're any of those other internet people that claim you made a holiday called Febtober Fest before us you can right to Crisis City.  You may claim to have over 270 Febtober Fests but we know you're lying.  We've been having the real and true Febtober Fests since 2005 not your sorry excuse for getting drunk that you created in 2008.  Silly frat boys.

Our current holidays include Sonicémos, , Pidmufebjock Fest, and the most epic winter holiday ever, Holidays which includes [The Real] Febtober Fest and the PIDMUJOCK. We also do a Video Game-a-thon every year which we treat like a holiday.

Sonicémos (formally Soniceenmas) is a holiday that starts the Friday before January 30 to the day before the Super Bowl.  It is a video game playing holiday where you mostly play Sonic the Hedgehog, Pokémon, and Super Smash Bros games.

Cult Week is a holiday is the left overs of another holidays we celebrated known as Febtoberjock.  This was a holiday that combined two holidays that were created for complete randomness in 2005 (not as a sorry excuse to get drunk in 2008) and 2010. It is a week long holiday that starts on April 23 and ends on April 29.  The original (and real) Febtober Fest was combined with another holiday created by ASSC Studios called Pidmujock which was created when we found out some internet frat boys stole our first holiday (Febtober Fest).  These two were then rolled in to part of our favorite holiday, Holidays.

Pidmufebjock Fest was created by choosing at random what didn't make into Holidays especially from what was cut from when Febtoberjock was split back into Febtober Fest and the PIDMUJOCK as part of Holidays.

Holidays of course is the most epic winter holiday ever.  It was created through a series of questionnaires from 2014-2017 of combining the best things from every winter holiday, Febtober Fest, Pidmujock, Febtoberjock, as well as suggestions made over this time period.  It's name came out of annoyance of both sides of the Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays Debate. 

The Sanity & Fear Video Game-a-Thon is a marathon of video games we encourage people to play before US Presidential and midterm elections.