January 31 (KSchad)

January's over already?! Jeez. Enjoy a new Quick Thoughts on Lockwood & Co. to celebrate! UPDATE (Shadow) Let's also celebrate that Sonicémos is upon with this new Random Stupidity. Now that (like KSchad said) January is over I will be back to updating every three days with a sprite comic as much as possible. The exception going forward will be Tuesdays (and occasionally weekend updates) which will just be general site updates. Don't forget that you can check our daily content on Instagram and YouTube.

January 30 (KSchad)

Still going strong! Check out the Quick Thoughts on Shotgun Wedding!

January 29 (KSchad)

Kicking @$$ and taking names, man! On...a...roll! Check out the new Minute Review on You People!

January 28 (KSchad)

I...am tired lol. But here's a new Quick Thoughts review on Infinity Pool!

January 27 (KSchad)

Sometimes it's the little things that bring so much amusement. Check out my latest YouTube Short!

January 26 (KSchad)

ANOTHER new Quick Thoughts?! Why the hell not! Check out the review of the Netflix series Shanty Town

January 25 (KSchad)

Another day, another video! Today brings a new Quick Thoughts review: Anna Kendrick is Amazing in Alice, Darling! UPDATE (Shadow) Meanwhile Taylor Swift if amazingly keeping classified documents out of the Senate in this new Bidened.

January 24 (KSchad)

The latest chapter of my God of War Ragnarok playthrough just went live! Check it out

January 23 (KSchad)

A new Quick Thoughts review is live! Check out Women Talking is a Powerful Film!

January 22 (KSchad)

Another day, another Minute Review! Check out the latest review on the film Missing! UPDATE (Shadow) A little house keeping. The rest of 2022 except December moved to Recent Updates. 2012 Election Pre-Primary predictions brought over from the old site over to Past Updates. FYI all links on Past Updates are PDFs so depending on your browser settings they automatically download.

January 21 (KSchad)

A new Minute Review is live! Check out the review of the That 70s Show sequel...That 90s Show!

January 20 (KSchad)

Didn't get the chance to post yesterday, but if you subscribe to the YouTube channel, you didn't miss a thing! Got yesterday's Quick Thoughts on A Man Called Otto AND a brand new Short for today!

January 19 (Shadow)
New Unsinkable: Retold. Don't you hate it when that happens?

January 18 (KSchad)

A new Lego build? Oh hell yeah! Check out building The Batman Batmobile at 40X the speed!

January 17 (KSchad)

A new chapter of my God of War Ragnarok playthrough is live! Check it out!

January 16 (KSchad)

A new Minute Review is LIVE! Check out Plane is Surprisingly Good! UPDATE (Shadow) We will slowly be moving our holidays sections over to a Wiki Format. You can see the update to Sonicémos (formerly Soniceenmas) here.

January 15 (KSchad)

2023 starting out strong with videos! Check out my unboxing of the new AEW All Elite Crate!

January 14 (KSchad)

It's tomorrow (in terms of yesterday lol), so here is the new Minute Review: Willow (2022) Overall Disappoints in its First Season!

January 13 (KSchad)

Happy Jason Voorhees Day! What better way to celebrate than with...a review of not Friday the 13th?! Poor planning, I know. But a new retro review IS live! Check out the Minute Reviews Retro on Willow (1988)! Then come back tomorrow for the review of the sequel series, also called Willow. UPDATE (Shadow) It's Friday the 13th which can only mean politics.

January 12 (KSchad)

I'm on another role! Check out the latest Quick Thoughts on the Prime series The Rig!

January 11 (KSchad)

The next chapter of my God of War Ragnarok playthrough just went live! Check it out!

January 10 (Shadow)

Soniceenmas is now Sonicémos as we continue to update that section hereUPDATE (KSchad) After some technical issues on my end, here is today's review! Check out the Quick Thoughts on The Pale Blue Eye!

January 9 (KSchad)

Another Minute Review?? Oh absolutely! Check out the review of the Sylvester Stallone Paramount+ series Tulsa King!

January 8 (KSchad)

Another Minute Review is live! Check out the Doom Patrol is the Best that DC Studios has to Offer on Television!

January 7 (KSchad)

A new Minute Review is live! Check out M3GAN is Basically Just a Fancy Chucky! UPDATE (Shadow) After trying to figure out what's on KSchad's hand in that review check out a new Bidened.

January 6 (KSchad)

Didn't have the chance to post yesterday, so I got two videos for ya! Check out the latest chapter of my God of War Ragnarok playthrough AND the newest short, which can be watched here or here!

January 4 (KSchad)

Not only have I started doing shorts on YouTube, I've also joined the Dark Side in TikTok! Make sure to follow the new page as some shorts may be exclusive to that platform UPDATE (Shadow) The Soniceenmas page has started to be updated. Keep checking back!

January 3 (KSchad)

The firs review of 2023 has arrived! Check out the Quick Thoughts on the Netflix series Kaleidoscope!

January 1, 2023 (KSchad)

Happy New Year! We survived another year on this crazy planet. To celebrate, check out Day 47 of videos: the January 2023 Video Preview! UPDATE (Shadow) Happy 2023 everyone. For those who follow us on Instagram yesterday you saw in our carousel Snow Hard in its entirety. Now those "instagram versions" of all of Snow Hard can be seen as Special Editions starting here. As this is January I will be posting less comics per usual. However it will be more comics than usual in January as the plan is posting them every 6 days instead of the usual 3. My normal every 3 day update will be another random update to the site. I will warn you all that Soniceenmas may interfere with these plans (as that's usually the reason I update less in January). Of course this all means you should just check out KSchad's videos more often!