February 29 (KSchad)

Biiiiiiiiiiiiit of a late update, but we end February with a Fatman Inc. TV Review of Netflix's Avatar: The Airbender!

February 28 (KSchad)

It's Wednesday, and you know what that means: a new Craptacular Horror Movie Review! Check out the review to 2012's Bloody Bloody Bible Camp! UPDATE (Shadow) It also means new ASSC Studios which introduces more participants in the upcoming character battle.

February 27 (KSchad)

It only takes a second to be safe

February 26 (KSchad)

When you gotta go, you gotta go

February 25 (KSchad)

Got another Quick Thoughts coming your way! Check out the review of Mea Culpa UPDATE (Shadow) After you check that out I have a nice short new Another Sonic Sprite Comic for 'ya.

February 24 (KSchad)

A Quick Thoughts Movie Review has gone live! Check out the review of Drive-Away Dolls

February 23 (KSchad)

Seems I forgot to update yesterday lol. Who's the Cream of the Crop? The answer is simple! And also...it's the little things that can get you excited.

February 21 (KSchad)

It's Wednesday, and you know what that means! Check out the new Craptacular Horror Movie Review of They Saved Hitler's Brain! (Shadow) We're going down, way down, in this new ASSC Studios for more characters for this year's upcoming character battle.

February 20 (KSchad)

Why not just travel to the sun...when it turns off?

February 19 (KSchad)

A new Fatman Inc. TV Review is live! Check out the review of True Detective: Night Country! UPDATE (Shadow) UNSINKABLE: Retold continues to go off the rails.

February 18 (KSchad)

Seems I forgot to update yesterday lol. Well, here's yesterdays short...and here is todays short!

February 16 (Shadow)
A new ASSC Studios as we march closer to the character battle. Which is in March go figure. On that note I hastily did the Character Battle page on Tuesday so that's been corrected/updated. December has been removed from the main page to recent updates. UPDATE (KSchad) Bob Marley is a legend, so a movie about him has to be good right? Check out the Fatman Inc. Movie Review of Bob Marley: One Love!

February 15 (KSchad)

Yay Madame Web? No. No yay. Boo Madame Web. Check out the Fatman Inc. Movie Review!

February 14 (KSchad)

It's Wednesday, and you know what that means! And since it's Valentine's Day, why not a V-Day centered movie? Check out the Craptacular Horror Movie Review of Cupid!

February 13 (KSchad)

I've seen a lot of "I noticed something while watching *movie*" shorts. So I decided to kinda make fun of them and make my own. UPDATE (Shadow) Head over to the character battle to see who we have planned to partake.

February 12 (KSchad)

What would you do if there was a child right in front of you?

February 11 (KSchad)

A new Quick Thoughts Movie Review is live! Check out the review of Suncoast!

February 10 (Shadow)
Another Another Sonic Sprite Comic. Yes, I was still able to squeeze in Sonicémos in there! UPDATE (KSchad) Later than usual updates from me. Exhausting week... Anyway, check out the new Fatman Inc. Movie Review of Lisa Frankenstein!

February 9th (KSchad)

Just in case you were wondering, cryptids are totally real!

February 8th (KSchad)

I took a DNA test. Turns out...

February 7 (Shadow)

A new ASSC Studios in a new Fifth Wall/Dimension. UPDATE (KSchad) It's the debut of the new season of Craptacular Horror Movie Reviews! Check out this season's 1st episode on 2005's Alone in the Dark!

February 6 (KSchad)

I just have one question: What the Hell?

February 5 (KSchad)

Another Quick Thoughts is here! Check out the review of The Tiger's Apprentice

February 4 (KSchad)

A new Quick Thoughts has gone live! Check out the review of Orion and the Dark UPDATE (Shadow) Also a new UNSINKABLE: Retold

February 3 (KSchad)

The first Fatman Inc. Movie Review of the month is here! Check out the review of Argylle

February 2 (KSchad)

When Pizza is Life, dieting is hard.

February 1 (KSchad)

Happy February! Check out my fancy Apple Pen! UPDATE (Shadow) It's February which means ASSC Studios returns.

January 31 (KSchad)

What do I identify as? I am...

January 30 (KSchad)

Why isn't he texting you? The answer is simple...

January 29 (KSchad)

Another underdog story? It's called The Underdoggs? Stars Snoop Dogg? Interesting... Check out the Fatman Inc. Quick Thoughts Movie Review! UPDATE (Shadow) Election Center update that there is no update. That should get me through the end of March as my update will bring back ASSC Studios. February I will rotate ASSC Studios with Another Sonic Sprite Comic and UNSINKABLE: Retold. March will start our character battle and just be ASSC Studios. Election Center set to be updated once the character battle is over.

January 28 (KSchad)

Godzilla in black & white? Don't mind if I do! Check out the Quick Thoughts Movie Review of Godzilla Minus One Minus Color

January 27 (KSchad)

A slasher shot here in Connecticut? Cool! Wait...not so cool... Check out the Quick Thoughts Movie Review of Founders Day!

January 26 (KSchad)

Age is but a number. What number do YOU see? UPDATE (Shadow) I see 146 as in the 146th Another Sonic Sprite Comic.

January 25 (KSchad)

Where do all the 35-40 year olds hang out? One word: beer.

January 24 (KSchad)

The Trunk Monkey go yo back!

January 23 (KSchad)

My fellow man: what the f*** do we want?! Well, my answer is simple UPDATE (Shadow) It's taken over a year but you can now vote for us in the Top Web Comics again (above).

January 22 (KSchad)

The best pooper round? That's me! Or so I thought...

January 21 (KSchad)

Good god the Puppy Monkey Baby is back!

January 20 (KSchad)

Had a brain fart and forgot my password, so here is yesterday's Lego video!  And today beings the new Fatman Inc. Movie Review of I.S.S.! UPDATE (Shadow) Updated the election center to get the same result as the 14th. Won't upload it here because of that but it will be on our Instagram.

January 18 (KSchad)

Did we need more Ted? Probably not, but Seth McFarlane did it anyway. Check out the Fatman Inc. Quick Thoughts TV Review of the series!

January 17 (KSchad)

Another Quick Thoughts coming atcha! Check out the review of Role Play UPDATE (Shadow) After you check that out check out the latest UNSINKABLE: Retold. My goal for January is alternate the updates between sprite comics and the Election Center. Unless it's a Tuesday update then it will just be the Election Center. I will also alternate the sprite comics between Retold and Another Sonic Sprite Comic. Come February I'll throw ASSC Studios back into the mix. March will see our normal mania with ASSC Studios and the character battle as we set up something wicked for the summer.

January 16 (KSchad)

The next Quick Thoughts is coming at ya! Check out the review of the Netflix movie Lift

January 15 (KSchad)

Got some more Quick Thoughts for ya for the next few days! Check out the new one today for the Hulu movie Self Reliance!

January 14 (KSchad)

The first Quick Thoughts of the year just dropped! Check out the review of The Beekeeper! UPDATE (Shadow) It's that time again. The Election Center is back.

January 13 (KSchad)

WHAT'S IN THE BOX?! Check out the new All Elite Crate unboxing!

January 12 (KSchad)

Looks like baby has some secrets

January 11 (KSchad)

Echo is the latest MCU project to hit Disney+. Check out the Fatman Inc. TV Review to see how it is! UPDATE (Shadow) It's still January so instead of ASSC Studios it's Another Sonic Sprite Comic.

January 10 (KSchad)

A hamster died. Now I want to buy jeans.

January 9 (KSchad)

Just remember to apply directly to the forehead

January 8 (KSchad)

Oh no...I just Ship My Pants! UPDATE (Shadow) Thanks to the magic of Bing(y) this new Bidened shows us a better look at the good and bad future timelines.

January 7 (KSchad)

The First Fatman Inc. Movie Review of 2024 has arrived! Check out the review: Night Swim Sinks

January 6 (KSchad)

Welp...I'm never eating vanilla ice cream again 

January 5 (KSchad)

Charles Nelson Reilly stars in...Bic Banana Crayons?

January 4 (KSchad)

Apparently, Coca-Cola makes you thin. I beg to differ! UPDATE (Shadow) It's January which means UNSINKABLE: Retold is back.

January 3 (KSchad)

There's something in my room! Check out the new short!

January 2 (KSchad)

What's a video that lives rent free in your head these days? I'll go first! UPDATE (Shadow) The full 2023 update archive is now available on our past updates/archive section. I'll keep December on the front page for now since it just ended. November will be up at our Recent Updates section just so that is not blank. I know we're two weeks shy of start of Ameripocalypse '24 and there is still no Election Center 2024 section. I will attempt to at least get Iowa predictions up before January 15. I can not give a date when a full election prediction will be up but I am aiming for before Super Tuesday on March 5. Also if you want to get technical there's sort of a new Random Stupidity. The placeholder comic for the 500th Random Stupidity has been updated since the full version as been moved here.

January 1 (KSchad)

Merry New Year! Where have I been? Warm in Florida 🤣 Videos did go live everyday I was down there; I just kinda forgot to update here. But here are the highlights: Tell Me a Sound That's Better Than This short, a new Craptacular Horror Review of The Mean One, My Top 10 Best/Worst Movies of 2023 AND Best/Worst TV Shows of the year...and today's video: Entering 2024 Like...

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