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October 3 (KSchad)

Hi. Me again. Imma try to post stuff as it goes live instead of a massive paragraph once a week. Anyway...a new Minute Review is live! Check out Smile is Disturbing Horror with a Powerful Lead in Sosie Bacon! UPDATE (Shadow) I had something else in mind for this new Bidened but I couldn't find the article I originally saw that I was going to base it off of so you got this.

October 2 (KSchad)

See! I told I'd see you next week! Got six new videos for you to check it if you don't already subscribe to the channel (if not, what are you waiting for?!?!). Rounding out September is the Bat Collector episode 6, The Munsters (2022) is Mediocre...At Best and episode 10 of Quick Thoughts featuring Harley Quinn, Barbarian, The Invitation, 3000 Years of Longing, Pearl, Devil in Ohio, Cars on the Road, Goodnight Mommy, Me Time & See How They Run. Then check out the new October Preview video to see all the full reviews coming this month...THEN check out Hocus Pocus 2 is as Fun as the Original, but Certainly Not Better and the first review of the new format of Quick Thoughts: Ana de Armas Shines in Blonde, But... Don't forget to like and subscribe, and I'll cya next time!

September 30 (Shadow)
Looks like Holidays is going to come early in this Random Stupidity because when it snows around here it will Snow Hard.

September 27 (Shadow)
Making fun of both sides in this new Bidened.

September 25 (Shadow)
ASSC Origins now have 4 parts as seen in "The Future Part 4." UPDATE (KSchad) Hi. Long time. Busy blah blah adulting blah blah. You get it. I'll get better at updating sooner or later lol. Anyway, new reviews! Lots of them! Check out Prey, Samaritan, Only Murders in the Building, Pinocchio 2022, Cobra Kai 5, Clerks 3, The Woman King, Do Revenge and Don't Worry Darling! Also episode 5 of The Bat Collector! See you next week (seriously! I'm going to get better at updating!).

September 22 (Shadow)
Can you tell from this new Random Stupidity that I'm glad Quantum Leap is back?

September 18 (Shadow)
Hmm, looks like the latest update broke a few links. Luckily with the new site there was not many links to fix. Needless to say Minute Reviews and Soniceenmas are now back up.

September 15 (Shadow)
If you thought the last future wasn't talked about enough I totally forgot about this future in this new ASSC Origins.

September 12 (Shadow)
My apologies to the King of England (for multiple reasons in this new Bidened) but I do not like how the sprite came out.-_-

September 9 (Shadow)
Time to look at the rarely seen former future from the past in this ASSC Origins.

September 6 (Shadow)
A new Bidened.

September 3 (Shadow)
Tis that time of year where the Holidays Pokemon team and PIDMUJOCK Pokemon days get updates. Also there was an error in the wear section last year which has been corrected.

August 31 (Shadow)

A new ASSC Origins. This time it's about the future from the distant past.

August 28 (Shadow)

Pushed today's Bidened meant for yesterday to today because of Pokemon Go Fest Finale. I'll admit it.

August 25 (Shadow)

A day late with this new Random Stupidity but if you followed us on Instagram you would have seen it yesterday.

August 23 (KSchad)

Sup? A few days late, but here's the latest video update! Check out Episode 9 of Quick Thoughts featuring: Day Shift, I Am Groot, The Gray Man, the South Park 25th Anniversary Concert, Rise of TMNT: The Movie, Umma, Ice Soldiers, Orphan: First Kill, Secret Headquarters & Keep Breathing. There's also a review of the new A League of Their Own on Prime, but the main event: Better Call Saul Goes Out on Top as the Best Show on Television! Currently sitting at 1,700 views, it is the most watched Minute Review! Help add more views!

August 18 (Shadow)

Who remembers ASSC Origins #25 last year when the Omniverse collapsed into the original plan for ASSC? Ever wonder what the two comics that were merged together for that one looked like? Well in Special Editions 56 and 57 you can find out!

August 15 (KSchad)

Yeah...I forgot to update. Been a crazy month. Definitely not as crazy as Shadow's, but I've been busy. We've got NINE new reviews, including Ms. Marvel, Where the Crawdad's Sing, Resident Evil (Netflix), Nope, DC League of Super Pets, Paper Girls, Bullet Train, The Sandman and Locke & Key. There's also a new Quick Thoughts featuring reviews of: Baymax!, Minions: the Rise of Gru, South Park: The Streaming Wars part 2, Elves, I Think We're Alone Now, Night Sky, Choose or Die, Saint Maud, The Sea Beast and The Terminal List. But that's not all! We also have new episodes of All Elite Crate, The Bat Collector and Super Smash Bros Ultimate as well. Instead of painstakingly linking each one, imma just link the YouTube Channel. Enjoy! EDIT (Shadow) On top of all of KSchad's videos there's also a new Bidened.

August 12 (Shadow)

Before we finish this arc in ASSC Studios let's check in with the future.

August 9 (Shadow)

We're back to ASSC Studios in this new uh ASSC Studios.

August 6 (Shadow)

I pushed through it and finished ASSC probably for good this time but we will see.

August 3 (Shadow)

Sorry all, it's been a crazy past two months. I'm back finally and I'm here with a new Random Stupidity.